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Issue 6: Editieren des Sprachfile nicht möglich
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Reported by, Dec 23, 2007
Wenn man die iSMS.strings editiert, dann wird diese nicht eingelesen. Auch
das Löschen bringt keine Änderung

Version 1222
Dec 23, 2007
Project Member #1
Please use english or chinese...
Dec 23, 2007
I wanted to translate the isms.strings from english to german ( I edited string> xxxx
</string> ).
But when I use the edited file on my iPhone the language is still english. What must
I do to translate the language file? Even when I delete the isms.strings the language
is still english. Could it be that there is another language file somewhere else?

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Dec 23, 2007
Have you set you iPhone to German in Language menu?
Dec 23, 2007
yes. I must create a new folder 'gr.lproj'?

Dec 23, 2007
Project Member #6
Could you please zip your german translation and re-attach ? Seems this site garbled
your file. I could add them into next release.

If you want to DIY,
 * Create a folder de.lproj under /Applications/
 * Copy your german iSMS.string into it
 * Setup your iphone locale to German
 * Restart we-isms and good luck!
Dec 23, 2007
Project Member #7
BTW, if you're using 1224 special version, you probabbly need to restart Springboard
or reboot after the above steps
Dec 24, 2007
Ok, here is the file
1.3 KB   Download
Dec 25, 2007
it still doesnt work. Which editor must I use to translate the file?

Dec 25, 2007
Xcode (the default editor) works quite fine. That's what I used the day before
yesterday to translate it, just copied the finished file to
Applications/ using Cyberduck, no adjustment of access
rights etc.

I'm attaching my translation, but it's probably quite the same (I just used a space
before the opening brackets; btw. your search view text is a bit too much uppercase ;) ).

Oh, and back to the editor to use... what does the header say? Encoding="UTF-8"! You
saved the file in standard ANSI. In that case, all umlauts would be broken anyway,
maybe that's the source of the problem? Use any XML validator (the W3C page probably
even has an online one, e.g. ) to make sure you
haven't accidently broken the structure.w
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Dec 25, 2007
PS: Just checked the initial attachment by Bugi  as well... it wasn't garbled by this site, it was garbled because of 
the UTF-8 vs. ANSI encoding problem indeed ;)
Dec 25, 2007
yeah... it works fine.

Dec 25, 2007
Project Member #14
Thanks, but which one is the correct file for German translation ? 

Dec 25, 2007
Mine has the proper encoding to work already, but Bugi was faster, so if you want to use his (I suggest adding 
spaces before the opening brackets for the counts though, and lowercase the verbs "Tippen" and "Suchen" in 
the "search" sentence), open his file as an ANSI file but save it as an UTF-8 file, then it should be fine.

On Windows, you can open it using PSPad, which'll automatically recognize it is ANSI, then you just have to 
switch the mode to UTF-8 from one of its menus (don't know from memory, but it lists a bunch of encodings 
and is easy to find), then save again.

On a Mac, TextWrangler for example allows you to choose an encoding while opening the file (Latin1 here), 
then choose Save As and press the Options button to save it as UTF-8.

On the Linux/MacOSX command line there are probably a bunch of other tools to change the encoding, but 
can't remember them right now ;)
Dec 26, 2007
Here is the corrected languagefile with minor changes.

Deutsche Sprachdatei V1.0.rar
1.7 KB   Download
Dec 27, 2007

I have made a few changes to your language file to make it suite me better, you may
want to take a look and see if you like them or not. I have added a translation for
"Select a recipient", which comes up when you either select a recipient or choose a
contact to send with the message. To make it fit for either purpose, I translated it
with "Kontakt auswählen" rather than "Empfänger auswählen". I didn't change the
copyright you added because I respect your work, and also because I didn't want to do
damage to the file. I have got no expert knowledge of what I am doing.

One thing that I don't know how to do something about:
When you check the inbox, "Yesterday" is translated as "Gestern", but the actual days
of the week still are in english. I tried to - for my level of knowledge -
experimentally add them to the language file, but no change. Also older messages
still show their date in english date format. Any way to change this?

I like iSMS a lot, handier that SMSd, supports toggling the keyboard with ASDeutsch
whereas SMSd doesn't on my phone. Font size is bigger and thus better on inbox
messages. An option to copy the message text across to e-mail
like in SMSd would be nice but not extremely neccessary.
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