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  ID Type  Status  Priority    Summary + Labels Opened  ...
  8 Enhancement Accepted Medium   GPIO interrupt handling Nov 2012  
  9 Enhancement Accepted Medium   Add WebSocket support Nov 2012  
  19 Enhancement Accepted Medium   Task scheduling Jan 2013  
  34 Enhancement Accepted Medium   Easier setting up of multiple (digital) ports via config parameter for complex chips Feb 2013  
  37 Defect Accepted Medium   Linux Arch support Mar 2013  
  40 Enhancement Accepted Medium   Improve HTTP request handling Mar 2013  
  41 Enhancement Accepted Medium   Create debian packages Mar 2013  
  42 Enhancement Accepted Medium   Improve software PWM to use DMA instead of Threads Mar 2013  
  44 Defect Accepted Medium   Java (partly Python) client improvement possibilities Apr 2013  
  57 Enhancement Accepted Medium   Make macros more RESTful Aug 2013  
  62 Defect Accepted High   Update wiki for missing Serial docs Nov 2013  
  65 Defect Accepted Medium   Missing function on GPIOPort expander driver Dec 2013  
  70 Defect Accepted Medium   Add synchronization/lock to drivers functions call Jan 2014  
  71 Defect Accepted Medium   Allows Reverse Proxying / custom URL root Jan 2014  
  74 Defect Accepted Medium   GPIO Expander Port Write REST Error Jan 2014  
  80 Defect Accepted Medium   Add Exception handling Jan 2014  
  81 Defect New Medium   Problems in normal Startup but not in the Debug mode Feb 2014  
  82 Defect New Medium   Integration of DHT11 Humidity sensors Feb 2014  
  84 Enhancement Accepted Medium   Add logout option Feb 2014  
  86 Enhancement New Medium   Custard Pi Interface Feb 2014  
  87 Defect New Medium   Some results miss "Content-Type" header Mar 5  
  88 Defect New Medium   Can I use WebIOPi as a front-end to control scripts that DO NOT use GPIO Mar 16  
  89 Defect New Medium   Add exception details to http 500 error Mar 26  
  90 Defect New Medium   TSL2561 sensor lux value not changing Mar 27  
  91 Defect New Medium   New Device: BMP180 Mar 27  
  92 Defect New Medium   Support for HTU21D Apr 1  
  93 Defect New Medium   Can't run basis tutorial Apr 5  
  94 Defect New Medium   Add DAC reference gain support Apr 8  
  95 Defect New Medium   New driver for DS2413 added and updated version of DS2408 driver available Apr 11  
  96 Defect New Medium   Agree on delivered values when reading an GPIO output channel Apr 11  
  97 Defect New Medium   AttributeError: ‘module’ object has no attribute ‘GPIO’ Apr 18  
  98 Defect New Medium   Auto start at boot Apr 26  
  99 Defect New Medium   Module MCP4725 Not Implemented Apr 28  
  100 Defect New Medium   Patch for percent-encoded URL's Apr 30  
  101 Defect New Medium   GPIO PinNumbering versus signalnames in single column view is incorrect Apr 30  
  102 Defect New Medium   Adafruit_CharLCDPlate May 6  
  103 Defect New Medium   Driver for PCA9698 available May 7  
  104 Defect New Medium   Driver for PCA9530 available May 7  
  105 Defect New Medium   Patch for 1-wire device lookup for multi-master/multi-channel (e.g. DS2482-x) May 9  
  106 Defect New Medium   How to setup the automatic kernel driver loading for the DS2482-x family May 9  
  107 Defect New Medium   Java: GPIO digitalWrite and digitalRead return not 1 but 1/n instead, so check fails May 18  
  108 Defect New Medium   LM35 interface with Webiopi May 28  
  109 Defect New Medium   [Errno 98] Address already in use with webiopi 0.7.0 Jun 26  
  110 Defect New Medium   Call 2 Macros from a webiopi().createGPIOButton Jul 7  
  111 Defect New Medium   Servo control Jul 27  
  112 Defect New Medium   Bug in PiFaceDigital driver preventing use of board parameter via config Aug 20  
  113 Defect New Medium   Support for MCP3422 Aug 24  
  114 Defect New Medium   support for RS485 Comunication Aug 24  
  115 Defect New Medium   Missing device name info in webiopi.js for PiFaceDigital 5 days ago  
  116 Defect New Medium   Drivers for RTC chips DS1307, DS1337, DS1338, DS3231 and MCP7940 available 4 days ago  
  117 Defect New Medium   Page refresh timeout option configuration 28 hours ago  
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