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Internet of Things framework

  • Written in Python, with facilities to load and execute custom script, using a comprehensive structure with setup and loop functions
  • Unified Serial/SPI/I2C support with a complete and consistent set of functions to control more than 30 devices, including most used analog converters, I/O expander and sensors
  • Javascript/HTML client library to make Web UI
  • Python/Java clients, to make Pi-to-Pi systems or Android applications
  • CoAP support brings the best Internet of Things protocol on the Pi, as a future proof of Pi possibilities
  • Includes simple web apps, to debug GPIO, devices and Serial interface

App Exemple : Irrigation Control System

Base Application

Allows to control an irrigation system with a PiFace, or any board using a supported GPIO expander. Source code available on demand.

GPIO header web app

The GPIO header web application is included to quickly debug and controls GPIO.

Device monitor web app

The device monitor allows to debug and controls converters or sensors plugged in the GPIO/SPI/I2C...

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