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We have moved from SVN to tarballs you can download due to one of the issues.

Basically, after I was forced to hard-reset the SVN for my web-backdoors-collection I realized "backdoors" was only one half of the story. There are FAR more nasty things out there than just backdoors...

The new updated version of it (v3 now!) is going to cover:

PHP/ASP/JSP Backdoors/Other,

"DoS Scripts"

Scanning scripts

Bots that are found spreading via Web App Vulns

And "eratta" - random nasty things we find in our webroots. There will also be a folder named "honey" that will contain stuff found in my day to day searching of honeynet logs and google searching for broken stuff that was "interesting".

Warning: Files on this project MAY be (are certainly) malicious. If you plan on USING them be warned, they are more than likely backdoored by someone. We need submissions! Email me! Or start an "issue" about it!

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