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The website is about 2D graphics in web browsers. The goal is to experiment, provide libraries and tools, associate technologies in innovative ways, discuss about all of the above. The main audience is web developers, though casual web users may find some of projects fun to use.


The site focuses on the following technologies:

2D Graphics HTML5 canvas and SVG
JavaScript GWT

The site hosts the following projects:


svgrealrunan online SVG editor, featuring multiple SVG document support, undo/redo, full path editor and much more.
vectomatic2runan online SVG viewer, featuring multiple SVG document support, connection to OpenClipArt new SVG RSS feed, arbitrary zoom an rotation.
vectomaticrunan experiment to evaluate the feasibility of doing a full-featured 2D vector graphics editor à la Inkscape, in a browser using no extra plugins. The main technology here is canvas + GWT
lib-gwt-svg a general purpose SVG library for GWT. The goal is to make it easy to do SVG graphics in a GWT application
lib-gwt-svg-chessruna demonstrator for lib-gwt-svg featuring a complete chess game based on the Carballo chess engine by Alberto Alonso Ruibal and lib-gwt-svg for rendering
lib-gwt-svg-eduruna set of educational games for kids of age 4 to 6 years old, based on lib-gwt-svg
lib-gwt-svg-samplesrunsample programs illustrating the use of lib-gwt-svg for basic tasks carballo-gwt the GWT-ified version of the Carballo chess engine
gwt-incubator-sliderruna modified version of the GWT incubator slider, which adds support for both vertical and horizontal sliders
lib-gwt-file a GWT library to add support for the W3C file API and HTML5 file drag-and-drop to GWT
lib-gwt-file-testrunA sample web app available to demonstrate the use of the lib-gwt-file GWT library

You can contact me directly at or through the blog.

As of April, 2012 the official code repositories for all these projects, except vectomatic and vectomatic2 has been moved to


The following videos demonstrate some of the vectomatic projects

Vectomatic2 SVG viewer:

SVG educational games:

SVG chess game:

Vectomatic1 legacy canvas-based editor:

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