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Tips for finding out causes of crashes.
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This page describes how to properly report bugs etc. as well as self help tips.

Where to report problems

  • IRC: #stuntrally @ freenode network, webchat
    (fastest way (instant if someone is awake), but then again you might need to stick around and wait)
  • Bugs & Help forum
  • Issue tracker (only if you can't use the above)

What we will ask from you

So how about saving your time as well as ours and providing the answers before we get a chance to ask them? You might also find the cause by yourself.

  1. Do you have an integrated Intel graphics card (e.g. a non-gaming laptop)?
    • There is your cause for the crash - Stunt Rally needs a decent GPU, nothing we can do apart from recommending you to upgrade your hardware (or visit a friend with better hardware)
  2. What operating system are you using? What version of Stunt Rally? From where did you install SR?
    • If you are not using the latest release version of SR, we'll probably ask you to upgrade and test that
  3. When did the crash occur? Did you get any graphics? Did you get to the menu? After loading a track?
  4. Please post log.txt and ogre.log files, their location is given in the Paths wiki page
    • Use attachments if on forum or issue tracker
    • Use or similar if on IRC
  5. Please follow up
    • Fixing bugs might take days or even longer
      • We are not always able to reproduce the problem (e.g. due to missing hardware), even if we acknowledge its existance, so we rely on your testing and confirmation of fixes
    • If using IRC:
      • Please don't leave if there is no immediate answer
      • If after waiting, no one still seems to be around, come back another day, or file an issue to forum (or tracker)

Debugging yourself

If you wish to be extra helpful (and are on Linux), you can provide a stack trace of the crash.

  1. Install gdb, the GNU Debugger
  2. Install stuntrally-dbg or similar, i.e. Stunt Rally with debugging symbols. You can also compile the game yourself with the debugging info.
  3. Run SR through the debugger:
    • $ gdb stuntrally
    • (you are taken to gdb prompt)
    • run
    • (wait for the crash)
    • bt (stands for backtrace)
    • Copy-paste the resulting trace to use as with the log files
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