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Features of the game and editor.
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This page lists available features in game and editor.

Game Modes

  • Single Race - with 147 Tracks to drive on, in 26 sceneries - over 4 hours to drive all
    • Ghost drive - chase your best time car on track
    • Track's ghost - best drive for track, a green ghost car ES, on all tracks (not reversed)
    • Replays - save your drive and watch it from other cameras later
  • Tutorials - few short and easy tracks to show various track elements
  • Championships - usually long series of tracks, drive to get higher score, if too low repeat a stage
  • Challenges - few tracks, quite difficult to pass, game already set up.
    Drive with no mistakes to win bronze,silver or gold prize.
  • Split Screen - 2 to 4 players on 1 screen (requires a good GPU, it's best to reduce graphics options)
  • Multiplayer - single races over internet, in-game chat, (see Wiki)


  • Simulation modes: Easy (beginner) and Normal
  • Stunt tracks having: jumps, loops, pipes or very twisted road
  • Choose from 19 cars (ES and S1 are best for rally, 360 and XZ for asphalt), few are quite exotic
  • Other vehicles: hovering spaceships, bouncy sphere
  • Drives through water or mud areas
  • Dynamic objects on tracks (barrels, boxes, etc), can be hit with car


  • Game controllers support (gamepad, steering wheel)
  • Input configuring (reassign keys, change sensitivity)

Gui and HUD

  • Minimap, can be zoomed and rotated
  • Driving aids
    • arrow to next check point
    • next check point beam
    • track completion percentage
    • time difference and current points shown on each checkpoint
  • Detailed list of tracks with:
    • ratings and stats (eg. difficulty, length, width, and much more)
    • preview image and minimap
  • Several gauge types (rpm and velocity)


  • 8 Graphics presets for quick change to match hardware performance
  • Many graphics options to tweak each feature individually
  • Terrain parallax and triplanar mapping
  • Car/water reflections and fresnel, water refraction
  • Various effects (but significantly lower performance):
    • bloom, motion blur, ssao (ambient shadows)
    • slightly broken: depth of field, god rays, HDR

Track Editor

  • Spline based road - no predefined sets or tiles, giving road absolute freedom in 3D, smoothed between points
  • Real-time editing of road points and their parameters - quick adjusting with keys or mouse to see how it looks
  • Changing all of track parameters in editor (no other tools needed), after each save track is ready to play in game
  • Several brushes for terrain editing (87 total)
  • Terrain generator with many parameters
  • In-editor Help page with all key shortcuts and mouse actions
  • Console tab, listing track errors, warnings and hints on save
  • Wiki page and video tutorials available
  • No undo - using quick save and quick load

Car editing

  • In game car editor allows faster tinkering with simulation parameters
    and aids creating new cars, Wiki here
  • Many graphs (visualizations) of key car simulation values
  • Tire functions (Pacejka magic formula) editing while driving
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