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NOTE: This project is now closed and is kept for those wanting the old code only. No further updates/additions will be made. If you would like to take over this project then please contact the project owner.

A class containing a set of functions to help you bridge your main site's memberships system with vbulletin's. Includes functions to:

  • Register new member (requiring activation)
  • Process activation from email
  • Process activation manually
  • Update user details
  • Delete a user (would not reccomend for general use)
  • Login
  • Logout
  • Lost Password
  • Change Password (can tie in with Lost Password)

Originally created for vBulletin as of 3.7.2, the main function that relys on the 3.7.x branch will be the delete user function.
Based on 6 functions created by:
Alex Matulich, June 2008, Unicorn Research Corporation
Added 6 more functions and modified all existing functions to take into account user activation and improved login functions.
NOTE: This is at beta stage and should be fully tested before use in a production environment. Changes/Additions will be made as issues are raised.
PHP Experience Reccomended: High (Once install script and examples are in it will be easier to use!)

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