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  ID Type  Status  Priority  Owner    Summary + Labels HW  OS  Area  Stars  ...
  808 Bug Accepted Medium   ASSERT failure with NormalizedMapCache, tricky underlying problem All All ---- 5  
  1159 Bug Accepted Low   Clean up safepoint saved registers code   HelpWanted All ---- ---- 5  
  1164 FeatureRequest Accepted Medium   Refactor control flow in Crankshaft All ---- ---- 1  
  1639 Bug Assigned Low   Debugger breaks on internal code when attempting to step next All All ---- 7  
  1667 Bug Accepted Medium   Scripts compiled during live-edit should be compiled in the original context, not the current one All All ---- 2  
  1814 ---- Assigned Low   OS::Allocate does not clear *allocated on faliure, and AllocateRawMemory does not properly check for that failure. All All ---- 1  
  1844 FeatureRequest Accepted Low   Missing version macros for preprocessor All All ---- 5  
  1854 FeatureRequest Assigned Low   eval function performance issue because of IsMatch implementation in StringSharedKey All All ---- 5  
  1990 FeatureRequest Accepted Low   efficiency of marking bitmap in large object page   NewGC All ---- ---- 1  
  2025 ---- Assigned Low   Ternary expressions slower than equivalent if/else statements All ---- ---- 6  
  2073 Bug Assigned High   Garbage collector sometimes fails on objects with Object.defineProperty (memleak?) All ---- ---- 60  
  2960 Bug Accepted Medium   Recompile builtin functions and code stubs when enabling allocation tracker All All ---- 1  
  3134 Bug Accepted Low ----   Optimization for Array.prototype.indexOf does not take getters into account All All ---- 2  
  3354 Bug Assigned Medium   Inlining heuristics still take source size into account All All ---- 8  
  3375 Bug Accepted Medium ----   Writable attribute ignored on global object All ---- ---- 1  
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