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Issue 706: GYP/Xcode/Chromium build support for x86_64 v8
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Project Member Reported by, May 14, 2010
For my next trick, I’m going to make x86_64 v8 buildable on the Mac via GYP/Xcode in a 
“comfortable” way. ”Comfortable” means that the architecture selection can be done by the user 
via Xcode settings (or GYP settings in this case), and multiple architectures may be built 
simultaneously for “fat” (universal) output.

On the Mac, the build environment will stop setting any V8_TARGET_ARCH_* macros. In the 
absence of any V8_TARGET_ARCH_* macro being set externally, v8 will choose a target 
architecture appropriate for the host, in the same way that it currently detects V8_HOST_ARCH_*. 
All of the and will be compiled on the Mac. Each of these will have an #ifdef 
guard to ensure that the files are only built when compiling for the relevant architecture.

In order to support universal builds, the snapshot-and-compile procedure will need to change to 
support multiple architectures. I’ll accomplish this in a driver script. This is currently a lower 
priority, and may lag behind the other work.

There may also be bugs in v8 on x86_64 on the Mac. I’ll correct these as they come up.
May 14, 2010
Project Member #1 (dtoa.c fix for LP64) (the meat)
Jul 5, 2012
(No comment was entered for this change.)
Blocking: chromium:18323
Dec 29, 2012
It doesn't look like there's been any progress on this for quite a while (May 2010). Considering it's blocking a 64 bit Chromium build on OSX - which is needed for Java 7 to work, I wouldn't mind a status update on if this is still an issue.
Dec 30, 2012
Project Member #4
V8 can be built as stand-alone x64 binaries on all of Linux, Mac, Windows, see

I don't know what Chromium's plans for x64-on-Mac are wrt. Xcode support, fat binaries and whatnot. I'm not aware of V8 being a blocker for anything.
Dec 30, 2012
This issue is marked as blocking chromium:18323 and chromium:44205 (which is itself blocking on chromium:18323) - all are related to getting an x64 Chromium build on OSX. From all the related issues, it looks like Mark was the one co-ordinating this effort.

If it builds fine, it sounds like this issue just needs its status updating from "Assigned" to "Fixed", or whatever the usual process is here.
Jan 16, 2013
#6 BenRobertsABQ
While we wish Java would go away, it would be swell if we could help move a 64-bit build of Chrome forward. Sites like WebEx, LogMeIn and others are Java dependent, which means users on newer OSX builds like Mountain Lion can't run them on Chrome, since Java 6 is disabled by default, and Java 7 is not compatible with 32-bit Chrome. So while I can use Safari for those sites, it's not really what I'd like. :) Apple has a KB for enabling Java 6 but that exposes users to exploits, so it's kind of a mess all round. 
Mar 11, 2013
#7 toastido
Not sure if it means anything, but I was able to build x64 with v8 on osx without issues, and everything seems to work flawlessly thus far.
Apr 2, 2013
Project Member #8
Seems to be fixed.
Status: Fixed
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