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Issue 2295: ES5 readonly-ness problem in Crankshaft
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Project Member Reported by, Aug 17, 2012
I started to investigate a problem with the ES5 readonly-ness in optimized code. The following will reproduce the problem.

$ ./tools/ -j12 --no-presubmit --arch=ia32 --mode=release --report --special-command="@ --max-opt-count=1000" mjsunit/readonly

I narrowed it down HGraphBuilder::BuildStoreNamedField where we don't check for readonly-ness induced by a JavaScript accessor that only has a getter but no setter. The band-aid fix would be to just check for that situation here. But after discussing this with Andreas, it has become clear to us that we need to keep the property attributes in sync when defining accessors. Whenever a JavaScript accessor doesn't have a setter, the internal readonly attribute should be set implicitly. That's the clean fix that would simplify all sites that check for readonly-ness.
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