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Issue 1936: g++ linker problem with 3.6 and bleeding_edge
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Reported by, Feb 7, 2012
Template declaration for SeededDictionary is missing in :

That causes build failures on OSX with some versions of gcc compiler:

Undefined symbols: "v8::internal::Dictionary<v8::internal::SeededNumberDictionaryShape, unsigned int>::SlowReverseLookup(v8::internal::Object*)", referenced from: 
                    v8::internal::JSObject::ReferencesObjectFromElements(v8::internal::FixedArray*, v8::internal::ElementsKind, v8::internal::Object*)in objects.o
Feb 7, 2012
I get the same error while compiling V8 during node.js installation. Here you can find the "make" output:
Mar 1, 2012
I fixed this when building node.js by adding this to the

@@ -10012,6 +10012,9 @@ template Object* Dictionary<UnseededNumberDictionaryShape, uint32_t>::
 template Object* Dictionary<StringDictionaryShape, String*>::SlowReverseLookup(
+template Object* Dictionary<SeededNumberDictionaryShape, uint32_t>::SlowReverseLookup(
+    Object*);
 template void Dictionary<SeededNumberDictionaryShape, uint32_t>::CopyKeysTo(
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