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This project describes an ASP.NET web module which can be added /customized in any SQL driven web application as a database administration module. When I first started with an admin section for a web application, I thought why not try to make something more general, a plug-n-play admin section which can be used for any SQL driven dynamic web application, and here is the result of the effort.

The target was:

  • Create a self sufficient admin section which can be put into any SQL driven web application by changing the connection string for SQL Server in the web.config file.
  • User needs to login before doing CRUD (Create/Read/Update/Delete) operations (Not required for the AdminLite version).
  • There should be individual pages one for each operation (CRUD) which will take the tablename as the parameter.
  • A dataAccess class which wraps all the data access methods and returns the values or records as required.
  • CRUD operations for tables (you can create/read/update/delete tables).
  • Filter records using custom SQL queries.
  • Execute custom SQL statements on the database.
  • Support for paging/sorting.
  • Includes SQL injection workaround for the login page using regular expressions - latest update.
  • Support for multiple images (binary data in SQL tables).

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