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A C preprocessor is a part of a C compiler responsible for macro replacement, conditional compilation and inclusion of header files. It is often found as a stand-alone program on Unix systems.

ucpp is such a preprocessor; it is designed to be quick and light, but anyway fully compliant to the ISO standard 9899:1999, also known as C99. ucpp can be compiled as a stand-alone program, or linked to some other code; in the latter case, ucpp will output tokens, one at a time, on demand, as an integrated lexer.

ucpp operates in two modes: -- lexer mode: ucpp is linked to some other code and outputs a stream of tokens (each call to the lex() function will yield one token) -- non-lexer mode: ucpp preprocesses text and outputs the resulting text to a file descriptor; if linked to some other code, the cpp() function must be called repeatedly, otherwise ucpp is a stand-alone binary.

ucpp was written by Thomas Pornin.

It is being maintained here by Louis P. Santillan, starting with a copy of version 1.3.

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