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Setting up Eclipse and Maven for UBY development
Phase-Implementation, Phase-Support, Phase-Requirements
Updated Sep 4, 2013 by eckle.kohler

Basic Setup (of Eclipse and Maven)

  • Follow the user setup instructions
  • If you are in Eclipse, restart it

If you do not have settings.xml file in your .m2 directory, just create one with exactly the same content as in the Maven setup instructions. You can also use the settings.xml provided in Downloads section and copy it to your .m2 folder.

Checking out

  • Open the SVN Repositories perspective in Eclipse (Menu -> Window -> Show View -> Other... -> SVN -> SVN Repositories)
  • Add a SVN repository with the URL
  • Expand the new repository node in the SVN Repositories view
  • Right-click on trunk and select Check out as Maven project
    • Note: if you do not see this menu item, make sure you have installed the Maven SCM handler for Subclipse.
  • (optional) Eclipse will create some projects now. We recommend to group these projects into a working set:
    • Select Next
    • Check Add project(s) to working set
    • Click More...
    • Click New...
    • Double-click Java
    • Enter the working set name Uby
    • Click Finish
    • Click OK
    • Select the working set Uby from the working set drop-down box
    • Note: when you are completely through with these and the following steps, remember to go to the Package Explorer view. There is a small triangular icon in its top right corner. Click on that and select Top Level Elements -> Working Sets.
  • Click Finish.

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