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Tweetonica allows you to manage your Twitter contacts and organize them into groups. For example: "Colleagues", "Friends", "Family", "News", "Celebrities", etc.

Each group gets its own RSS feed which you can add to your favorite RSS reader such as Google Reader, NetNewsWire or FeedDemon. You can click on the RSS icon to add a feed to your reader or you can import all your group feeds at once using the OPML file we provide.

This unique approach helps you to combat the Twitter infromation explosion and easily follow thousands of people without missing important updates. For example you may read updates from your close friends several times throughout the day, but check tweets from other people once per day.

Not only do we help to organize your tweets into groups - we also make it easier for you to read them. Unlike the twitter web interface we try to display the full depth of information embedded in tweets. If somebody tweets an image or video using popular services such as YFrog, YouTube, Twitpic or Mobypic we will show you a clickable thumbnails or the embedded video player. All URLs are converted into links. Hash tags, user mentions (e.g. @tweetonica) and stock symbols (e.g. $AAPL) are also converted into links.

A word about security: Tweetonica is using OAuth, so we never ask for your twitter password. You will be redirected to the web site and there you will be authenticated there to give Tweetonica permission to access your account. You can always revoke this permission anytime you want from Twitter web site. All RSS and OPML feeds we generate are password protected.

See for live demo.

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