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Issue 45: Need functions "finishAllTweens()" and "finishTween(index)"
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Reported by, Sep 26, 2008
This is an enhancement request. In many cases I have seen the need 
to "finsihAllTweens()" so all objects are set to the end state of each 
animation. This is usually needed based on user activity. The user may 
click an action while something is animating and in many use cases I can 
see a need to have all or select tweens to "jump" to their end state 
before starting the next set of tweens. Otherwise some tweens may conflict 
with the new tweens and cause undesireable results.

The "removeAllTweens" is one workaround but this method leaves partially 
completed tweens which require considerable effort to manually reset.
Sep 26, 2008
Or... "endTween" as already mentioned in other posts.
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