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Tungsten Replicator

Tungsten Replicator is a high performance, open source, data replication engine for MySQL. It offers a set of features that surpass any open source replicator available today: global transaction IDs to support failover, flexible transaction filtering, extensible transaction metadata, sharding, multiple replication services per process, high performance, and simple, well-documented operation.

Tungsten Replicator helps technically focused users solve problems like promoting masters easily from pools of slaves, replicating data between different database versions, replicating efficiently across sites, building complex topologies, and parallelizing data flow between servers. Tungsten Replicator runs equally well in cloud as well as locally hosted environments. Tungsten Replicator users range from tiny start-ups to the largest web properties on the planet.

Tungsten Replicator is sponsored by Continuent, Inc., which offers support as well as sponsored development of new replication features. Tungsten Replicator is also the base for Continuent Tungsten, a commercial database clustering product that improves transaction throughput and keeps data highly available to applications. Please visit the Continuent website for more information about services as well as commercial offerings.

Fellow projects

There are testing and administrative tools being developed for Tungsten Replicator. They are hosted at Tungsten Toolbox. Also the Bristlecone project is part of Tungsten distribution.

Keep in touch

Release early, release often

In addition to the official builds that we release in the downloads page, there are nightly builds that are built much more frequently. If you want to test the bleeding edge version (for example, if you have submitted a bug and want to see it fixed before the rest of the world) you can get the snapshots from our build server (You can also use

Replicator 3.0 Preview with Hadoop Loading

Curious to see what we have next cooking? Feel free to try out the latest build with built-in Hadoop support! You can get the snapshots from our 3.0 nightly builds server.

Important note This project replaces the old Continuent Community. For more information, please see the FAQ.

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