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Tungsten Replicator

Tungsten Replicator is an open source replication engine supporting a variety of different extractor and applier modules. Data can be extracted from MySQL, Oracle and Amazon RDS, and applied to transactional stores, including MySQL, Oracle, and Amazon RDS; NoSQL stores such as MongoDB, and datawarehouse stores such as Vertica, InfiniDB, and Hadoop.

During replication, Tungsten Replication assigns data a unique global transaction ID, and enables flexible statement and/or row-based replication of data. This enables data to be exchanged between different databases and different database versions. During replication, information can be filtered and modified, and deployment can be between on-premise or cloud-based databases. For performance, Tungsten Replicator includes support for parallel replication, and advanced topologies such as fan-in, star and multi-master, and can be used efficiently in cross-site deployments.

Tungsten Replicator is the core foundation for Continuent Tungsten clustering solution for HA, DR and geographically distributed solutions.

Tungsten Replicator 3.0

  • Includes support for replicating into Hadoop (including Apache Hadoop, Cloudera, HortonWorks, MapR, Amazon EMR)
  • Includes support for replicating into Amazon RedShift, including storing change data within Amazon S3
  • Includes support for replicating to and from Amazon RDS (MySQL) deployments
  • SSL Support for managing MySQL deployments
  • Network Client filter for handling complex data translation/migration needs during replication

Tungsten Replicator 2.2

  • Replication from Oracle and MySQL, to MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB, Vertica, InfiniDB
  • New installation tool, tpm, providing easier installation from the command-line, and heterogenous replication easier to deploy
  • New INI file configuration, making complex deployments easier
  • Additional command-line tools to make deploying and running replicator easier
  • New multi_trepctl tool to make running multi host and service deployments easier
  • Parallel Extractor for Oracle-based data provisioning

Related Tools and components

  • Tungsten Toolbox consists of a number of deployment and testing tools Tungsten Toolbox
  • Bristlecone provides load testing and benchmarking functionality Bristlecone
  • Continuent Github includes deployment and testing tools, database specific tools (e.g. Hadoop), and sample scripts and filters

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