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Issue 487: 'filter_racy' set to wrong values when using a localization
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Status:  Fixed
Owner:  ----
Closed:  Mar 2012

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Reported by, Mar 14, 2012

What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. Use a localized version of Wordpress (e.g.: Italian)
2. Install tubepress plugin
3. Go to the setting page
4. (optional) Change some settings
5. Save

What is the expected output?
Settings to be saved without errors or warnings

What do you see instead?
An error message saying that the field must be set to "none", "strict" or "moderate", but has been set to "nessuno" (translation of "none")

Checking the html, the issue is that translated strings are put in the option value, instead of putting them between the option tags.

URL of a page that demonstrates the issue:

Which version of TubePress are you using?

Mar 14, 2012
Thanks for the report. Are you able to test this on the latest version of TubePress (2.4.1)? I'll try to reproduce in the meantime.
Labels: Type-Defect
Mar 15, 2012
My apologies: the issue is happening with TubePress 2.4.1 (I've typed the wrong version).
Mar 15, 2012
Here is the html snippet that is created by TubePress: as you can see, value and text in the options list are swapped.
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Mar 15, 2012
 Issue 488  has been merged into this issue.
Mar 15, 2012
OK, thanks! I'll investigate today and have a fix out ASAP..
Status: Accepted
Labels: Priority-High
Mar 18, 2012
Thank you again for reporting this bug.

Until the next version of TubePress is released, the fix for this is quite simple. You can either make the simple change found at [1], or you can replace your copy of sys/classes/org/tubepress/impl/options/ui/fields/DropdownField.class.php with this one [2]

Status: Fixed
Apr 16, 2012
Thanks for this, and for those who get this bug:

After implement the fix, change one or more settings and save. Then check again.
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