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Module describing expenses
Updated Nov 2, 2011 by

Expense Module

This document will explain the proposed expense module.

Module Name: expense

Expense Request

An expense request is created by an employee. This expense request will describe what should be bought by the company:

  • Quantity
  • Units
  • Unit Price
  • Expense Type
  • Description
  • Supplier
  • State ('draft', 'waiting', 'confirmed', 'done', 'rejected')


A wizard on request will create expenses (like the one on purchase request). The expense will be:

  • Supplier
  • Invoice address
  • Lines:
    • Quantity
    • Units
    • Unit Price
    • Expense Type
    • Description
  • State ('draft', 'quotation', 'confirmed', 'done', 'canceled')

The expense will have a specific workflow attached to it to manage its process.

Once the expense object has been confirmed by the supplier, the expense will create a supplier invoice to generate the needed accounting moves.

Comment by, Nov 2, 2011

I think the module must have a option for the expenses related with a service and not only product, in this case maybe not important quantity or units.

Comment by project member, Nov 2, 2011

@oscar There is no link to product so the units and quantity are for free usage.

Comment by project member, May 3, 2014

what is the difference between expenses and purchases (and their respective requests)?

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