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Trisul is a flexible network traffic monitor. It meters bandwidth usage, counts sessions, and stores raw packets for future analysis. All traffic data is stored in a SQLITE3 database. It communicates with the outside world via the Trisul Remote Protocol (TRP) and via a Ruby-on-rails application called Web-Trisul.


  1. Remote probe for network analyzers
  2. Source of statistical and flow data
  3. Standalone web based traffic monitor


  • Trisul [trisul-xxx] The Trisul Server available in source or packaged forms
  • WebTrisul [webtrisul-xxx] The WebTrisul ruby on rails application

Note: Always download the Featured package. We keep the older packages around in case there is a regression and someone wants access to the previous releases.


For installation instructions : Refer to


Just send an email to Google Groups Archive

Trisul is created by Vivek Rajagopalan of Unleash Networks and is dual-licensed under the GPLv3 open source license and a commercial license

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