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The Once Known as SmallPT is a cheap editable realtime derivation of

By way of the marketing department, some outrageously insignificant numbers: on a Quadro® FX 5800, on the default scene at default resolution and configuration, 768x512x(2x2)x118fps = 185.6M 4-bounces rays are traced per second (alternatively, a maximum of 742.4M bounces are generated).

Requires CUDA 2.1 to compile and run.

contact: thierry berger-perrin,

Short introduction:

  • arrows, pg-up/down to move, [ctrl] faster, [shift] slower.
  • mouse 1: center camera, [alt] spawn sphere.
  • mouse 2: drag, move camera, [shift] other plane.
  • mouse 3: picking, [ctrl] resize, [alt] move, [alt+shift] move other plane.
  • 'u': toggle full 3D bloat.
  • 'z': reset the accumulation buffer.
  • most actions are about a selection, and are templated from the clipboard.
  • ctrl-c/ctrl-v: copy/paste, [shift] paste at camera.
  • 'backspace': deselect; '+'/'-': cycles selection; 'del': delete selection, 'home': look at selection.
  • F5/F9: load/save.
  • F2: global operations.
  • 'p' to toggle the top left panel, 's' to toggle the right one (which is about the selection).



Linux back-port.

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