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How to install and use this widget
Updated Aug 10, 2013 by


This page describes how to install/use this widget. This widget is meant to specifically address the problems with the 3.5mm audio jack on audio adapters (specifically the HTC 5 in 1 adapter,) the G1 and the donut release. It hopefully won't be necessary and probably won't work after the next release.

Tested Configurations

For a full list of tested configurations, please see Tested Configurations


Downloading From The Project Page (old version)... not recommended

  • Make sure your settings allow install of non-market applications
    • Menu->Settings->Applications->Unknown sources = check.
  • Download the .apk file to your phone and install by selecting the file in a file browser application OR use your phone's browser to click on the download link on the project homepage.

Downloading from the Play Store

  • Download and install like a regular application through the Google Play store. You can find it at this link

Installing the Widget

This application only runs as a widget, there is no user application or menu available. You must complete this step to install the application as a widget somewhere on your home screen.

Andriod 3 and later

After clicking the "All Apps" button to list all applications, You should see a "Widgets" tab at the top left of the screen. Click "Widgets" and find toggleheadset2. Hold and drag to place on your homescreen.

Android 2 and earlier

  • From the home screen, press the "Menu" button
  • Select "Add"
  • Select "Widgets"
  • Select "Toggle Headset 2"
  • If you'd like to force routing to speaker on startup, click the check box displayed when placing the icon and press the OK button. This will override the headset detect switch and always force audio to the speaker at startup. If you don't want to use this behavior, leave the box un-checked.
  • Place somewhere on your home screen.


  • As long as the service is running (hasn't been stopped due to low resources) the 3.5 mm jack should automatically be selected as output when plugged in on an HTC 5 in 1 adapter. When you disconnect the htc adapter the audio output should automatically switch back to speakerphone.
  • If you'd like to switch between speaker phone or headset routing manually, click on the widget icon on the home screen. Audio output should toggle on each click.
  • The icon status should show whether headphone or speaker routing is currently enabled
Comment by, Nov 11, 2009

I am using the headset widget, installed a day before yesterday, and it works. Yesterday I was listening to music, and during the playing I received a call, and the audio, as before with previous widget, switched to attend the call through headphones. I finished, but realized that after that it is not possible for me to switch back to receive calls normally without the headset (the other person at the phone hears me, but I don't hear anything). I tried connectung back and enabling disabling and nothing, music and calls work fine either on the headset or phone loudspeaker; but I still don't know how to use my phone to call normally again.

Hope to have explain the problem enough! Thanks for any advice, G

Comment by, Nov 15, 2009


Comment by, Nov 24, 2009

Thank you! It is good to be able to use my wired noise-free head set again.

BTW: Are you still looking for new icon design? If you are, please let me know technical requirements (size, format, color depth, etc) and I create a few for you to choose from.

Comment by, Nov 24, 2009

Nice work! It is good to be able to use my wired noise-free headset again.

Btw: Are you still looking for a new logo design? If you are, please post the technical requiremnst (e.g., size, format, color depth, etc.) and I'll send you a few to choose from.

Comment by, Dec 31, 2009

Can I just say thank you for finding a solution to a problem that was annoying a lot of people. This works beautifully and I am really pleased.


Comment by, Dec 31, 2009

Just a futher comment - why can you not search for this on the Market?

Comment by, Jan 1, 2010

Very good! Thanks!

Comment by, Feb 5, 2010

Awesome. Thanks!

Comment by, Nov 15, 2010

After many headaches it works. Thanks a lot!

Comment by, Dec 7, 2010

Yay! My hero!!!

Comment by, Dec 13, 2010

Hi,i installed it and nothing happened when i touch the icon, what's wrong? my phone is htc hero floyo 1.20 edition. thank you

Comment by, Jun 4, 2011

While using my wired headset I can't be heard although I can hear the person on the line. It appears the mic doesn't work. Do I need another adapter to connect to the HTC 5 in 1 adapter?

Comment by, Jul 10, 2011

Thanks very much for creating this widget!! My friend couldn't get media-related audio to work, or listen during phone calls, after she plugged in the phone to her car AUX jack. But now all's well after installing this widget on her phone :) (i.e. LG Optimus V, running 2.2)

Comment by, Sep 26, 2011

i finally got this installed. nothing happens when i press the widget on or off, no change in sound. i'm running 2.3.4

Comment by, Apr 26, 2012

This worked on a sony xperia mini pro. Although the radio app still asks for headphones to be plugging to use as an aerial. Thanks for this!

Comment by, May 17, 2012

Excellent, works fine on my Alcatel 990.

Comment by, Jun 20, 2012

excellent, alcatel 990

Comment by, Aug 4, 2012


I'm using Repencis Rom on Samaung Galaxy Y, it works beautifly.

Comment by, Dec 11, 2012

Thanks it works! But only if I insert the headphone jack halfway. If I put it in further it cuts out. Would this be a hardware issue with my jack or is it software? Any thoughts? -HTC One V

Comment by, Apr 9, 2013

doesn't work on my lg p500 :(

Comment by, Aug 11, 2013

dosent work on my xperia miro

Comment by, Sep 2, 2013

Downloaded on HG MYtouch, can't find icon.

Comment by, Nov 2, 2013

look at the wiki thingy... it's not an icon. it's a widget. different install. just hold finger over open screen and select "add widget". scroll down to this one. woila!

Comment by, Nov 14, 2013

You just saved me from buying a new phone. ...Or writing that app myself.

Thank you.

Comment by, Jun 24, 2014

its not showing the app widget icon in my phone.. m using LG-P690 Ver 2.3.4

Comment by, Jul 9, 2014

My smartphone has stopped the earphone, but, with this app, I can ear my musics again with my earphones... Sorry for my english, I'm brazilian...

Comment by, Aug 31 (47 hours ago)

it really works on my samsung galaxy Y gt-s5360

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