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Fast, easy syntax for RPC among C++ programs

It supports:

  • Calling remote functions as if they were local
  • Register multiple handlers for incoming calls (multicast, essentially), uses boost::signals for flexibility
  • Override the same RPC function name by differing arguments
  • Fast packaging up of arguments and return values
  • Endianize/pack argument/return data as needed before transporting
  • Template specialization for packaging up new data types; or use the default (copies memory straight over)
  • Supports various transports: TCP/IP (IPv4 and IPv6), UNIX domain sockets, memory sockets
  • Handles up to 10 arguments, a la Boost functors
  • Easy C++ syntax for creation of local and remote procedures on an RPC stream

Core library requires:

  • Boost signals
  • BSD-style sockets API
  • UNIX domain sockets API

Examples require:

  • Boost threads

TipRPC was written and is maintained by Tippett Studio for inter-tools communication.

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