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Issue 32: Files
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Status:  Resolved
Owner:  stefdawson
Closed:  Jun 2010

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Reported by, Sep 1, 2009

Not a defect/issue or bug, more of a feature request (directed here by
Robert Wetzlmayr - see
Could be pipe dream stuff but definitely something I think that would be an
improvement to the textpattern CMS.

I love textpattern. One of the key pluses for me that is missing in a lot
of other CMS's is how TXP separates content and presentation. I love the
grouping of files, images and links as separate _kinds_ of content and the
ease with which these can be associated with individual articles (through
custom fields, for example).

However, I *wish* that files were more flexible and there was:

# the ability to rename files, and/or
# the ability to have an alternative title for a file

Thinking here how TXP treats images (and wondering why files are treated so

Hope this makes sense - it is the one ommission/frustration for me (apart
from section hierarchy) in an otherwise lovely CMS :)

Sep 4, 2009
Project Member #1 stefdawson
For a recent client project I modded TXP to add a file Title and I agree it makes a
world of difference.

Adding the title is not a major undertaking -- a few mods to the Files tab and a new
client tag to output it -- so I'll take ownership of this one as I've pretty much
done it already.

As for renaming files, we'll take a look at what can be done, though that one's a bit
more involved...
Status: Assigned
Owner: stefdawson
Labels: Type-Enhancement Priority-Low
Jun 14, 2010
Project Member #2 stefdawson
Or at least, half-resolved. File titles were added in r3304. The ability to rename files will have to wait for a rainy day...
Status: Resolved
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