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Android application used to select multiple recipients for a text message.

Change log

1.5 Beta

  • Search for Text Easy Beta in the Android Market
  • New tabbed layout provides easier access to Groups. Send a message to everyone in the group with a single click, or click the details button to view contacts within the group.
  • Contact with multiple phone numbers will appear once instead of once per phone number.
  • Added Message forwarding. Click the New Message button and a prompt will ask you to either create a new empty message or forward a message from your history.
  • Lots of minor UI enhancements such as showing pictures next to contacts, a slider to quickly move through your contact list, and icons instead of text descriptions.


  • Fixed Force Close error in Android 1.5 phones.


  • Fixed problem with Galaxy S phones (Vibrant,Captivate, etc). Phone numbers now show up after you click New Message.


  • Now works with Android version 2.2 (Froyo)
  • Added account information to Group selection screen in Android 2.0 and higher
  • All numbers for a contact are now displayed. Previously this feature was only available in Android 2.0 or higher. To go back to one number per contact go to Settings -> Phone Number Filters and selected Default Numbers
  • Added search button. It is located on the Menu Bar or the options menu if the Menu Bar is hidden. The search button will show the soft keyboard. To dismiss the search keyboard click Done on the soft keyboard or click the physical Back button.
  • Added a warning for Verizon users when you select more than 10 contacts. This message can be disabled by going to Settings and check the Hide Verizon Warning option.
  • Added a warning if you select more than 30 contacts. The warning sets expectations when sending a text to a large number of people. The warning is necessary because Text Easy uses the native Text Messaging application to send texts which has problems sending to large numbers of people.
  • Added ads. Revenue from ads will allow more time to be devoted to new features for Text Easy.


  • Added Phone number filter feature. Allows users to filter the numbers show by type (i.e. only show Mobile numbers)
  • Fixed bug in Android 2.0+ where the primary number is not displayed
  • Fixed bug where a blank numbers (Exchange likes to create numbers with only spaces) are not sent to the native text messaging application
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