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Testful is an evolutionary testing framework for Java programs. It is based on the idea of search-based testing, working both at class and method level. The former puts objects in useful states, used by the latter to exercise the uncovered parts of the class. Read more about the approach in my publications, available here.

Testful is packaged into two forms

Open-source policy

Testful is a research prototype, released with an open-source licence. We use this prototype to empirically validate our proposal. Despite most of the other approaches, we publicly release Testful and we allow third-party researchers to compare their approaches against our. Additionally, we release Testful as an open-source software, allowing others to implement their ideas on top of our framework.

However, the open-source version of Testful does not include our latest proposals. They represent our research results, and we are judged according to them. For this reason, we have to work on them privately and explain them with a paper. If you are interested on understanding what's going on, please feel free to contact us directly. If you are a reviewer and you want to try the latest version, please contact us (you can use an anonymous mail account) and we will send you the snapshot we used in our experiments. We promise that as soon as our papers are accepted, we release a new version of Testful (see the WhatsNew page).

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