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TrainingTesseract3 How to use the tools provided to train Tesseract3 for a new language.   Featured Aug 15 joregan  
ViewerDebugging How to use the Viewer to debug recognition. Aug 12  
ReadMePre3 Old installation notes for versions 3.01 and earlier. Aug 12  
ReleaseNotes Release Notes. Aug 12  
TesseractOpenCL How to build Tesseract with OpenCL Aug 12  
TesseractProjects This page lists available projects that would improve Tesseract for would-be contributors. Aug 12  
TesseractSvnInstallation Installing Tesseract from Subversion Aug 12  
TestingTesseract How to run UNLV tests on Tesseract. Aug 12  
TrainingTesseract How to use the tools provided to train Tesseract for a new language. Aug 12  
TrainingTesseract2 How to use the tools provided to train Tesseract for a new language. Aug 12  
3rdParty GUIs and Other Projects using Tesseract OCR.   Featured Aug 12  
APIExample API examples Aug 12  
AddOns External tools, wrappers and training projects for Tesseract.   Featured Aug 12  
Compiling Compilation guide for various platforms Aug 12  
ControlParams A list of useful control parameters and config files. Aug 12  
Documentation Technical papers describing various aspects of Tesseract. Aug 12  
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions   Featured Aug 12  
ImproveQuality Advice on improving the quality of your output.   Featured Aug 12  
ReadMe Important information all Tesseract users need to know.   Featured Aug 12  
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