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Project Ideas

Are you passionate about open source and open communities?

Would you like to contribute to some cool open source project but you don't have the time to delve into its implementation details?

This is your place.

Here is a list of Terrastore-related project ideas: everyone who knows how to interact with Terrastore (and there are a few guides about that) will be able to work on them!

If you'd like to take over one of the following, feel free to let the community know by writing on the mailing list.


Language bindings

Terrastore currently provides only Java bindings.

It would be great to have more language bindings in order to be able to use Terrastore from your language of choice without having to hand-write the HTTP calls: Scala, Ruby, PHP, Python, even a better Java API ... it's up to you!

ESB integration

Terrastore could be integrated as a service endpoint/component into well known open source ESB solutions such as Apache Camel or Mule.

The service component implementation should be able to put data into Terrastore, as well as to get and execute query operations.

Filesystem implementation

This is for you geeks out there: implementing a distributed filesystem on top of Terrastore buckets/documents structure and FUSE bindings.

Distributed Lucene

Another (Java) geeks task: implementing a distributed Lucene directory, storing indexes on Terrastore.

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