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  209 Defect Accepted Medium ---- Grouper   Nexus 7 not restoring from Google Servers (4.2.1)  
  222 Defect New Medium ---- Umts_everest   gps not recognized by kernel  
  231 Defect Started Medium ---- Umts_everest   'No internet' when switching to 3G on status indicator, and can not connect.  
  232 ---- Started Medium ---- ----   Request: add new features "Battery / Nav Bar / Volume"   Request  
  234 Defect New Low ---- ----   arrow in the heb (right to left) v. is flipped horizontally  
  243 Defect New Medium ---- Wingray   VPN L2TP/IPSec, no connection  
  247 Defect Started Medium ---- TF101   TF101 SOD after entering deep sleep   Performance  
  258 Defect New Low ---- TF101   Unable to mount hard drives using keyboard dock's usb ports(usb flash drives work)  
  263 Defect New Medium ---- Wingray   hdmi last buttom lines missing  
  272 Defect Accepted High ---- Wingray   XOOM MZ601 after install JB MR1 4.2, storage only show 4GB  
  274 Defect New Medium ---- Umts_everest   usb storage unmount remount not working  
  278 Enhancement New High ---- TF101g   3g mode on TF101g   Usability  
  279 Defect New High ---- ----   Apps missing  
  283 Defect New Medium ---- ----   background image dosent move when switching userspace  
  284 Defect New Medium ---- TF101   Facebook Sync Options [TF101]   Usability  
  287 Defect New Medium ---- Umts_everest   No deep-sleep when WiFi enabled on #142 (MZ601)  
  288 Defect New Medium ---- Umts_everest   Sometimes I can see 3g connection symbol but apps can not connect to internet. If I turn airplane mode on and off then apps can connect to the internet  
  290 Defect New Medium ---- Toroplus   MMS Not working on Sprint LTE but works on 3g  
  291 Defect New Medium ---- ----   Wallpaper zoom in  
  293 Defect New Medium ---- ----   Asus Slider phisical keyboard  
  294 Defect New Medium ---- TF101   Asus TF101 physical keyboard doesnt write numbers when you have tablet locked with pin  
  298 Defect New Low ---- ----   Bingo Bash Crashes when Loading  
  299 Defect New Low ---- ----   Can not add dock items with nav bar hidden  
  300 Defect Started Medium ---- ----   XOOM MZ601 Internal storage only 4.11GB  
  307 Enhancement Started Medium ---- ----   Persitant Menu Softkey doesn't work after screen lock/unlock  
  317 Enhancement Accepted Medium ---- ----   Led customization  
  318 Defect New Medium ---- ----   EXT SD card will not mount  
  319 Enhancement Accepted Medium ---- ----   Add a ADB Wirless feature  
  321 Defect Accepted Medium ---- Toro   USB OTG Storage fails to properly unmount  
  325 Defect New Medium ---- TF101   When docked and playing music,the track changes instead of volume level when using the volume rocker  
  330 Defect New Low ---- Wingray   hidden SSID not working on xoom wingray build 194  
  331 Defect New Low ---- TF101   Additional user added, all apps stop (crash) during user setup (TF101)  
  332 Defect New Medium ---- TF101   TF101 screen flickers off unless plugged into power source  
  333 Defect Accepted Medium ---- Toroplus   GNex torroplus JB Audio APIs issues  
  336 Defect Accepted Medium ---- ----   Tablet UI: notifications icons are off center compared to clock/battery/WiFi icons in landscape  
  337 Defect Accepted Medium ---- ----   Tablet UI: notifications are not contained in nav/status bar while in landscape  
  340 Defect New Medium ---- Umts_everest   EOS-umts_everest-20130520-164 wifi & 3g problem running on xoom mz601  
  342 Defect New Medium ---- TF101   failed to detect SDcard in dock after display wake up or from sleep  
  343 Defect New Medium ---- ----   Upgrade bootanimation  
  344 Defect New Medium ---- ----   Calendar Notifications  
  346 Defect New Medium ---- ----   Some AOSP LatinIME dictionaries not present and not downloadable  
  347 Defect New Medium ---- TF101   Hangs on powering off screen draining battery  
  348 Defect New Medium ---- TF101   Wi-fi and system settings screen black after standby  
  349 Defect New Medium ---- ----   tf101 reboots on own  
  350 Defect New Medium ---- ----   Experiencing random reboots on tf101  
  351 Enhancement New Medium ---- ----   add multiple window capabilities like Samsung S4?  
  352 Defect New Medium ---- ---- installation problem  
  353 Task New Critical ---- TF101   microsd problem checking errors introduce or recognize  
  354 Defect New High ---- ----   sd and usb not working  
  355 Defect New Medium ---- ----   Google Keyboard Gesture Typing not working  
  356 Defect New Medium ---- ----   SGS4G headphones external mic not working  
  357 ---- New Medium ---- TF101   SDCIM not recognized  
  358 Defect New Medium ---- ----   No mobile internet on [ROM][4.2 JB MR1] Team EOS 4 *JELLYBEAN MR1* Nightlies - Umts_Everest / MZ601 / EU 3G  
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