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Example app for AppEngine developed using GWT and TDD. To build:

  • Install the Google Eclipse Plugin
  • Start eclipse and import the project
  • Project->Build Automatically
  • Project->Clean
  • Package Explorer->chattr (right click) -> Run As... -> Web Application

You should see a screen with "log in" in the top left corner. Log in. Play.

To run the tests:

  • chattr->test-> (right click) -> Run As... -> JUnit Test
  • "GWT Compile Project" the application (from the toolbox icon on the toolbar)
  • Open chattr->test->
  • Run->Run Configurations... -> add new GWT JUnit Test
    • Run a single test-> com.appspot.femtoblog.client.gwttest.AllGwtTests

To run the webdriver tests:

  • Start the app as as web application (as above)
  • In the hosted mode browser, click "Compile/Browse"
  • Once your system browser has started...
  • chattr->test-> (right click) -> Run As... -> JUnit Test

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