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RESTful API for name finding services
Updated Jul 2, 2010 by

This page is under construction and subject to significant revision.

API specs


input (string)
type (text , url)
format (xml=default, json)


XML Response

A response example that corresponds to the xml schema:

<names xmlns="" xmlns:dwc="">
    <verbatim>T. rotundata</verbatim>
    <dwc:scientificName>Tillandsia rotundata</dwc:scientificName>
    <!--   0-100   -->
    <offset start="4550" end="4573" />

JSON Response

example JSON response with minimal response in first name, and full in second name

         "verbatim":"Tillandsia macrochlamys",
         "scientificName":"Tillandsia macrochlamys",
         "offsetStart": 4550,
         "offsetEnd": 4573,
         "verbatim":"T. rotundata",
         "scientificName":"Tillandsia rotundata",
         "offsetStart": 6381,
         "offsetEnd": 6393,
Comment by project member, Dec 10, 2009

This input parameter: id or document_id (string) optional - What does this mean?

Comment by project member, Apr 29, 2010

Original comment from Hilmar Lapp: evaluate UIMA-compliant API for wider integration potential. - DPR @ EBiosphere

Comment by project member, Feb 17, 2011

the xmlns "" isn't a valid URL & needs to be updated in the spec.

Comment by project member, Mar 28, 2011

2 things about the offsets that remain to be defined:

a) is the numbering zero or one based? I would suggest to use zero, ie. the first character has an offset of 0.

b) is the offset byte or character oriented? Naturally I would think it should be character based. That would mean the encoding needs to be handled correctly as UTF8 and other encodings use potentially multiple bytes per character

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