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TapDigit is a playground for JavaScript implementation of math-related code, such as expression lexer/parser, evaluator, and so on.

TapDigit.Lexer is a simple lexical scanner which splits a math expression into a sequence of tokens. This is useful for color-highlighted expression editor.

TapDigit has an HTML-based editor (with JavaScript-implementation of the editing logic) ready to use as TapDigit.Editor object, as illustrated in this screenshot:

TapDigit.Parser takes an expression and produces JSON-formatted syntax tree representation thereof.

TapDigit.Evaluator computes the result of an expression. Variables, constants, and functions supported in the expression syntax can be extended via TapDigit.Context object.

For more information, check the summary of features, explore the source code, and try it live.

TapDigit is created by Ariya Hidayat. Follow me on Twitter @ariyahidayat to get fresh updates.

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