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How to access the SwiFTP server in various environments
Updated Jun 12, 2009 by


This page explains how to use and connect to the SwiFTP server on your Android phone. It assumes you've already downloaded and installed the program.

If you're a resourceful sort of person, you can probably figure everything out just by messing around with SwiFTP. Simplicity is a major design goal, and nothing is very complicated.

Questions can be addressed to the SwiFTP-users group: if they're not answered here. I (Dave) monitor this list and usually respond immediately.

General instructions

Here are rudimentary instructions for those who are familiar with FTP. More detailed instructions with

  • The server is listening to port 2121 on the wifi network interface, unless you've configured something different.
  • Your wifi IP address is shown from the main SwiFTP screen as a convenience
  • Any FTP client should work. If not, please report this, it's probably a SwiFTP bug: Please include as many details as possible about the software and operating system that you are using.

Modern browsers have at least read-only FTP support. Try punching in your server URL (the "ftp://...." thing) into the address bar of your browser to get read-only access to your files.

Android filesystem permissions and the /sdcard directory

If you're running a T-Mobile G1 like I am, you don't have write permissions to much of your filesystem. This is an unfortunate fact of life that has been inflicted on us by T-Mobile for business reasons. Most likely you want to store your stuff in the /sdcard directory. Update: there are ways to get root access on your G1. Google can find the details.

Windows XP/2000

Follow these steps:

  • Start Menu -> Run.
  • In the box that appears type "explorer", press enter.
  • Enter the Server URL as it appears inside the SwiFTP application. This is the thing that starts with "ftp://".
  • If you are prompted for a username, enter "anonymous". If you are prompted for a password, enter anything you like.
  • Rock out.

Here's a tip from a user named Byron for easy Windows integration:

I easily set up Windows Explorer to show my G1 as a folder. This works on both XP and Vista. Right click on My Computer and select Add a Network Location. I typed in ftp://myusername:mypassword@ and named it "My G1." When I click on My G1 in Explorer now, it takes me straight to my sdcard without having to enter username and password each time.

Windows Vista

Someone please help with this one. Wiki!

Mac OS X

Read-Only Access

The Finder has built in read-only support for FTP. Select "Go → Connect to Server..." or press ⌘K and enter the Server URL as displayed by SwiFTP (e.g., You'll be prompted for your SwiFTP username and password.

Read-Write Access

If you need to add or delete files from your device, you'll need a third party FTP client. We recommend Cyberduck (free), but commercial clients like Transmit should work as well. As before, simply point the client to your phone's IP address, and change the port number to match your SwiFTP settings (2121 by default). If you're using Cyberduck, you can just type "Server URL" shown by SwiFTP into the Quick Connect box.

Comment by, Aug 8, 2009

To access the device from Vista:

Start Menu > Computer (or anything that'll open up Explorer)

In the file path bar (or address bar or whatever it's called) type in ftp://myusername:mypassword@

Browse away

In future sessions, go to the start menu > start search and type "ftp:" (no quotes)... it should return the ftp address of your device as one of the results.

...basically it's the same process as the one listed for WinXP, but I can't seem to figure out a way to shortcut the process =b

Comment by, Aug 31, 2009

To create a shortcut on vista

Create a new shortcut, on the path, type explorer.exe ftp://myusername:mypassword@

After assigning a name to the shortcut, by double clicking the new shortcut, it should open up the explorer and login.

Remember to replace the IP with the one given to you.

Comment by, Dec 13, 2009

How about somw help with Windows 7? There is no way to create a short cut (if there is someone please let me know!) You can log in in windows Explorer in the Address Pane but to transfer files one needs to open another explorer window to make the process run more smoothly. Swiftp works in this manner but the phone`s OS may not "see" the file. I have a file manager program, on the phone (Cliq), that does locate and find the files OK, but like I said, the phones OS may not "see" the file. Other apps on the phone seems to pick up files. I would have thought that Microsoft and Motorola would have the Win7 issue allready taken care of. Any ideas anybody? Like how can a person create a short cut using Win7?

Comment by, Dec 15, 2009

I used CuteFTP to connect and it didn't understand the "CDUP" command to change directory up one level. I am able to change directory if I put in the absolute path where I'm trying to get to, but not up one level with that command/button.


502 Command not recognized

Comment by, Jan 11, 2010

I have complete read/write access in Linux using FileZilla?. Swiftp auto detected my network and I set the user name and a hard password :) I can connect and exchange data in my desktop with Filezilla by specifying he I.P. and port number as provided in Swiftp, and supplying the previously set username and password. Very simple, very elegant. It beats the sucky bluetooth on my HTC Hero by a country mile!

Comment by, Jan 24, 2010

It looks like that ftp transfer rates go down when the screen turns off (for power saving) on Nexus One. As if the ftp server doesnt get enough cpu power anymore to maintain stable speeds. I tested this on N1. If I unlock my phone again and see teh SwiFTP screen ftp rates go up again. I cannot get more than 1mb/s though.

Comment by, Feb 5, 2010

Just had an issue with connecting to my hero. I was trying for hours to figure out what the problem was. Finally, (and this may be the case with you), was that having two work wireless networks, the hero on one (wireless A) and my mac on the other (wireless B), the two devices couldn't connect. Once i'd changed the mac to the same network as the phone, they connected seamlessly.

Comment by, Feb 21, 2010

I couldn't get this to work for the life of me with wifi....The proxy on the other hand worked flawlessly.... My droid is rooted and has wifi tethering.... I'm just wondering if maybe the newer drivers for that could be causing my issues. Also I was using Filezilla as a client... it actually did connect a few times with wifi but was super slow.... Thanks for the wonderful app though..

Comment by, Mar 4, 2010

What can be done if FTP is blocked? Do any of the proxies have a http-to-ftp translation capability?

Comment by, Mar 4, 2010

Hmm - I can connect with wifi but connection using the proxy server keeps asking for username/password and does not accept the correct response. it just pops up the Username Password request box again

Comment by, Mar 7, 2010

I have had no luck with this program after a few hours of digging and messing with settings. It will not accept my username/password in OS X Finder, OS X Firefox, OS X fireftp, ie, winXP firefox, winXP fireftp. I cant think of what else to try... Am I missing some weird setting in my router or something? I am doing this all via wifi on a local network.

Comment by, Mar 15, 2010

Thanks for the great idea Byron. Spelling out the whole address helps a lot. it finally worked using your approach.

Comment by, Apr 28, 2010

Make sure also that when you add the address to the client your using that you use the same address as what SwiFTP gives you. Even if you are adding your username and password to the address for use in a script, you should keep the core address the same as what SwiFTP gives you in order to be able to read and write to the sdcard at least. I encountered that problem when I was working on my backup script.

Being on the same subnet on whatever network your phone and computer are connected to also helps.

Comment by, May 24, 2010

no workie after FroYo? 2.2 update

Comment by, Jun 2, 2010

Window 7 (works with Pro 64 Bit and Ultimate 64 Bit)

Click on Start and open Computer.

In the address bar, type in "" and hit Enter.

It will prompt for user ID and password.

After this you have read/write access to the /sdcard on your phone.

I will be posting the access for Ubuntu distros.

Comment by, Jun 2, 2010

Kubuntu 10.04 (Works in all Ubuntu Distros)

Open Dolphin (or whatever file manager you may be using.

In the address bar, type in "" and hit Enter.

It will prompt for user ID and password.

It will ask you to create a Wallet password if it hasn't already. This can be the same as you FTP password, but this is not for FTP access.

After this you have read/write access to the /sdcard on your phone.

Comment by, Jul 13, 2010

Hi, all if you want to know how to set this up in Windows 7/Vista i have made a Word Document with Screen-shots so you can do it for yourself :)

Comment by, Jul 14, 2010

I tried to connect using FTP client Flow, on a Mac. I can connect to my device, and see the directories, but cannot read or write. Error message <Could not list "XX" Permission denied> SO I tried Filezilla... Works like a dream! Dave HTC Magic

Comment by, Jul 19, 2010

Hi there, I'm fairly knowledgeable with ftp bu cannot get this to work... I'm running Xperia X10, i get the prompt for the password but it keeps on saying access i need root access to sd card? think so?

I've tried passive, encrypted etc etc...but think it's the root access.will google but if you can confirm that would be nice thanks!

Comment by, Jul 23, 2010

Guys, I'm trying to use Tasker on my Samsung Galaxy S Android to start SwiFTP when I'm connected to my home Wifi but when SwiFTP starts it just sits there waiting for me to click on "Start". Is there anyway to pass a parameter to tell it to start by itself or otherwise to accomplish this? Pearse

Comment by, Jul 28, 2010

Trying to use this on my Nexus One with Froyo - get sdcard root access and can see all folders ok, but cannot change directory - get error "550 Invalid name or chroot violation"

Same result whether using CuteFTP or Windows XP Explorer

Is this a Froyo issue ?

Comment by, Jul 28, 2010

In follow up to above comment - problem solved after rebooting my Nexus One after installation :-)

Comment by, Jul 28, 2010

HTC Desire 2.1 update 1, trying to connect with Windows XP SP2. Using WS-FTP on the PC, if I put the port number it says it can't find it. If I don't put the port number it seems to try to connect on port 21 and fails. (WS-FTP can't set the port.) Using Windows Explorer (with username and PW set) it just fails with or without the port number. I frequently use FTP for web sites, usually it just works.

Comment by, Jul 28, 2010

Rooted folks can do this: - enable Wireless Tether - connect to phone via - connect to the ip of the gateway from the wireless connection - enable FTP server connect to the gateway with the credentials - ??? - PROFIT!

Comment by, Aug 16, 2010

I don't get it to run fast within my local network... I used the option which are provided to keep the connection up at high speed, but it starts at about 1MB/s and than drops down to about 3KB/s within 5 seconds...

Using Win7 x86 with FlashFXP!

Comment by, Aug 16, 2010

Oh I meant Win7 x64, but that's IMO not the important fact about the prob! And running it on froyo rooted.

Comment by, Aug 24, 2010

I'm running FROYO 2.2 on my HTC EVO and SwiFTP works flawlessly via WIFI, but I'm have trouble using the proxy. I can connect, browse, and downlad files using the proxy through a DOS terminal window, but if I try to use FileZilla? FTP software, I can't see the files or folders. It logs in successfully, but then it sends the LIST command and then displays the error: 425 - error opening data socket, "Failed to retrieve directory listing". The SwiFTP software then shows "proxyConnector pasvAccept failed" under last error. Any ideas?

Comment by, Aug 26, 2010

i had same problem, could connect but couldn't see data, so I changed username and psw, reconnected with filezilla and now it works perfectly.

Comment by, Oct 4, 2010

To access the device from Vista. Because you can not use wifi in the office must use the proxy server. connection shown in the explorer address bar url ftp://nfpvp_poscotmc @ phone by connecting to username, password typing over and over again is to enter a username and password. Mr dave has some of the donations. You can use the software, please answer.

Comment by, Oct 20, 2010

hi im a bit new to the swiftp but it works grate. can someone explain why i cant connect directly to the phone using the phone's ip address? I try and see that I must be within wifi distance. Why? What's the problem with WAN network?

HTC Desire android 2.2 /erik

Comment by, Oct 21, 2010

I kinda works.... I can login but i cant access any folders nor create, get error 550 invalid name or chroot violation, running cyanogenmod 6 froyo 2.2 on htc magic

Comment by, Nov 3, 2010

htc hero sprint, wifi unknown, wifi status disabled,?

Comment by, Nov 19, 2010

I had issues like others on my Nexus One and even after reboot I had the "550 Invalid name or chroot violation" I tried everything in Filezilla and Firefox including IE8. After that I changed the user and pass but that didn't help (I wanted to change it anyway) so I tried changing the path from /sdcard (which I what I wanted) to / and bingo Firefox worked, so I returned to Filezilla and was able to delete files and upload some Radiohead :) thanks for this cool little service. Beats using Bluetooth. I recommending using a FTP Client only that way if the phone goes to sleep the client can resume your upload or download.

Comment by, Dec 9, 2010

Re: error "550 Invalid name or chroot violation". I got that too: I could connect to /sdcard but not to any of its subfolders, which would produce the 550 error. After experimenting, I finally fixed that by telling swiftftp to work on / rather than /sdcard. Then I tell my Windows shortcuts, ftp clients, etc. to go directly to /sdcard.

Comment by, Dec 12, 2010

@nightstitcher, Dec 09 (2 days ago) Sweet, it's working again. Thank you!

Comment by, Jan 5, 2011

must my desktop PC be connected with my router via WIFI or can I also use my LAN(cat5) cable to connect to my WIFI router and then connect through wifi with my phone?

Comment by, Jan 25, 2011

I also got the "550 Invalid name or chroot violation" error msg. And nightsti solution works fine.

Comment by, Mar 11, 2011

re: error "550 Invalid name or chroot violation". installed swiftp on my froyo.dxka9 2.2.1. works like charm after using nightsti solution. thanx to developer team. shortcut: i used map network drive under tools in explorer on my winxp. click on 'sign up for online storage ...' above the back finish button. then follow the wizard. put 'ftp://myusername:mypassword@' for the address. u'll find ur shortcut in 'my network place' as a network folder.

Comment by, Mar 12, 2011

Windows 7 - all worked like XP.

Comment by, Mar 13, 2011

Windows 7 shortcut:

1. click "File" 2. click "add network location" 3. click "next" 4. click "choose a custom network location" 5. click "next" 6. in the box under "Internet or network address:", enter: ftp://myusername:mypassword@

(make any necessary changes to the wifi URL according to what your phone indicates is correct, change myusername & mypassword accordingly).

7. click "next" 8. Enter a name for your connection ("My Phone FTP" or whatever) 9. click "next" 10. Click "finish" 11. On the desktop, click on "Computer" 12. under "Network Locations," you should see a folder with the name you just gave your FTP connection. 13. right-click-hold and drag the icon to your desktop 14. release the right mouse button 15. choose "create shortcut here" 16. a new shortcut should appear on your desktop. 17. double click the shortcut icon, your FTP connection to your phone should open up.

You're done.

Comment by, Mar 16, 2011

Just hanging on "Connecting" dialog from Mac OS Snow Leopard after entering correct udername & password. Using Cyanogenmod7 Gingerbread

Comment by, Mar 25, 2011

The app works like a charm! But I want to know if it is possible to add the SwiFTP server as a more permanent service, to start every time my WiFi? is connected? It would be a feature I am willing to pay for, if it works. If thats not an option, does the application take command line arguments (dunno if its the right term for Android, but I do know you can add "startup options" to the application executable). Running it like a service would be first prize though!

Keep up the good work!

Comment by, Apr 10, 2011

Is it possible to have this start automatically with phone boot and run all the time in the background? When I enable the FTP and the phone goes into lock the FTP server gets disabled.

Comment by, May 16, 2011

Hi Dave, I'd like to thank you by donating but I can't find any link, please show us a way to show our thankfulness.

Comment by, Jun 13, 2011

@nightstitcher thanks! this did the trick!

Comment by, Jun 28, 2011

could see the folders but can not trasfer or modify files/folders

Windows Xp, Nexus S

when connected and click any files pc screen says: "505 invalid name or chroot violation"

Comment by, Jul 18, 2011

Just installed and was getting same security permissions errors as some of you above. Wanted a shortcut as well. Creating a simple batch file and saving it to my desktop did the trick (windows 7). Open Notepad (under accessories or open run and type notepad.exe). Type the following - explorer.exe (substitute IP with phones IP). Go to file, save as, use the drop down box to choose save as type to All Files. Name the file whatever you want with a .bat extension and save wherever you want, hope this helps. Now you simply double click on the .bat file and your at /sdcard on your phone (note: works using MyTouch4g?)

Comment by, Jul 19, 2011

On Windows 7 x64 Android 3.1, ASUS eeePad Transformer tablet. IE, Chrome do not connect. Mapping a drive does not work. Filezilla will connect and list directories but both file transfer (STOR) and directory browsing (CWD) fail with error 550 Invalid name or chroot violation. Willing to test 3.1 if you need me to, otherwise... HELP :)

Comment by, Aug 3, 2011

could see the folders but can not trasfer or modify files/folders

Windows 7, Motorola Xoom.

The file is not available.


Comment by, Aug 13, 2011

Unrooted Sensation.. Ubuntu Linux. gFTP and firefox both work fine. can't access some files, but that is expected.. access to sdcard works.. prefer gFTP, as then I have file managemnt between my Pc and the phone.. besides Firefox requires entering in username and password "again" on some folders.. overall.. I like it.

Comment by, Aug 17, 2011

the widget to turn on/off the swiftp is already working? if yes, where i download it and how i install it? thanks

Comment by, Sep 12, 2011

I have "Windows 7 Shortcut" down to a science (see don.r..., 12 comments up) The reason is my router keeps reassigning the address of my phone! Anyone know how to permanently assign an address? Please use "Networking for Dummies" terms, It's not my strong point.

Comment by, Sep 15, 2011

Wonderful software. Works like a charm on Vista. Great code, man.

Comment by, Sep 17, 2011

A great piece of work. Worked very well on rooted Eris (GinTazz?) but on the new Bionic I periodically have issues "finding" the FTP server. Using Cyberduck on OSX 10.6.8 - had and have no problems with Eris, turning the wifi on/off in the Bionic a few times eventually finds the server.

Comment by, Sep 20, 2011

SwiFTP worked on my old Captive but it's not working on my new Motorola Atrix 4G. The problem happens after I Right Click on the Computer icon on my Windows 7 desktop. Then I choose Map Network Drive... When the window pops up I click on "Connect to a Web site that you can use to store your documents and pictures". Then I click "Next" twice until the "Specify the location of your website" screen pops up.

Here's where the problem starts. I click on "Start" in the SwiFTP app and enter the ftp address shown. ( Add Network Location screen pops up with a Red X and says "The folder you entered does not appear to be valid. Please choose another."

Does anyone have any idea what this is or how to fix it?

Comment by, Oct 1, 2011

the folder to stay within is either invalid or nonexistent

I get this message when setting up. Even /sdcard as the folder to stay within is invalid. Trying to set up on ASUS Transformer tablet.

Any suggestions?


Comment by, Oct 20, 2011

I'm in the same boat as phoop. I get the same error message but with Vista

Comment by, Dec 21, 2011

When I change LANs, the Swift FTP server URL doesn't update. What to do?

Comment by, Dec 27, 2011

Anyone going to actually have a fix for this chroot violation via filezilla client on win 7 64bit to a thrive running swiftp?

Comment by, Feb 8, 2012

i installed swiFTP on LG GT540 with android2.1. when the program starts it shows wifi url unknown.i have enabled wifi

Comment by, Apr 3, 2012

Vista: Go to My Computer (Computer), right click anywhere that there is no icon. Click "Add Network Location". In the wizard, select "Custom Location", type the address as the address on the main screen of Swiftp. Enter your username (not logon as anonymous) and then click "Open this location when I click Finish". Then, you will be prompted for your password, enter it, and voila! You have connected to your phone's ftp server.

Comment by, Apr 29, 2012

Make sure you are using "Active" mode if you cannot access the file list in Passive mode from FileZilla?. Also, I had to open the port to SwiFTP in my router (running DD-WRT) in order to get this to work.

Comment by, May 4, 2012

@jcompute... : Your trick worked like magic for me... :) Thanks.... But there was no need for any .bat file though. I just ran your command (explorer.exe ftp:...) and all subfolders opened. As simple as that! Thanks again! -Shreesha

Comment by, May 10, 2012


I've installed this app on my HP Touchpad Tablet using Cyanogenmod CM9 Android 4 update-cm-9-20120422-NIGHTLY-tenderloin-signed

I've installed this FTP App to transfer files to my Tablet, because this "Cyanogenmod CM9 Android 4" does not support Mounting the USB to my computer yet.

The issue is that I can't connect to my tablet, something is blocking the connection. I also tried "Android File Server" and the same thing happens.

Does anybody knows if there is something blocking me to connect to my tablet?

Thanks any help.

Comment by, Sep 23, 2012

Anyone figure out a way to access the removable sd card?

Comment by, Oct 23, 2012

Is it possible to have this start automatically with phone boot? Ist es möglich SwiFTP mit Start=true zu starten? Vieleicht per skript ?

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