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Issue 445: Scripted SVG File Causes Stack Overflow in svgweb
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Status:  Fixed
Owner:  ----
Closed:  Apr 2010

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Reported by, Jan 18, 2010
As an embedded object, the following SVG file loads and the script starts
to run in IE8 but without 10 seconds it stops with a stack overflow:

Here is the wrapper for it, directly loadable in IE:

The SVG file runs well (natively) in the current versions of Firefox,
Safari and Chrome.

Jan 18, 2010
Project Member #1
Are you serving up the SVG file GZip encoded (the svg.gz in the file ending)? Serving up 
svgz files is not supported by SVG Web for IE.
Jan 18, 2010
Project Member #2
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Jan 18, 2010
It was setup as a gzipped file. So I fixed to load a non-gzipped file. So now
instead of throwing a stack overflow about 10 seconds in, it freezes the javascript
script about 10 seconds in.

Thanks for looking. Like I said before, Firefox, Safari and Chrome all render the svg
file correctly, which is now at:

Apr 8, 2010
Project Member #4
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Apr 9, 2010
Project Member #5
When I hit the remote link you provided I'm able to replicate the issue. I brought the sample down 
into tests/non-licensed/ issue445 / and hit it against r1111. I've left it running for a long time and the 
robots continue to move around and no stack overflow error appears. This is in IE 8.
Status: Fixed
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