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  1829 Enhancement Reviewed Medium 1660   Provide support for proprietary licensed projects with private access.  
  24324 Defect New Medium 971   "Updates" page missing  
  60 Enhancement Accepted Medium 758   Display nicknames rather than gmail account name  
  810 Enhancement Started Medium 675   create new download automatically from trunk  
  231 Enhancement Accepted Medium 381   Improved statistics for projects on Google Code  
  1108 Enhancement Reviewed Medium 353 ----   Replace the "star" behavior with separate "vote" and "notify" features   Usability  
  4753 Enhancement Accepted Medium 353   Add Pull Request link to Mercurial and Git clone menus  
  38 Enhancement Accepted Medium 347   Show starred issues across all projects  
  417 Enhancement Accepted Medium 313   Need a stable link to the latest version of a download   downloads2  
  2645 Enhancement Accepted Medium 252   Rename project  
  919 Enhancement Accepted Medium 212   Editable Issue description  
  1222 Enhancement Reviewed Medium 195 ----   Support for own domain names.  
  293 Enhancement Reviewed Medium 192 ----   Integrating "Google Group" and "Google Code"  
  152 Enhancement Accepted Medium 178   Ability to publish project news  
  3148 Enhancement Accepted Low 158   Support huge downloads  
  1349 Enhancement Accepted Medium 152   Support 'svn lock' command  
  322 Enhancement Accepted Medium 151   Requirement trackings features  
  1009 Enhancement Accepted Low 149   Make the project homepage a versioned wiki page  
  135 Enhancement Accepted Low 143   Ads  
  660 Defect Reviewed Medium 142   support HTTP HEAD method for file download urls  
  2301 Enhancement Accepted Medium 140   Issue tracker should support WikiFormatting  
  3887 Defect Reviewed Medium 133   Request-URI Too Large (Mercurial)  
  720 Enhancement Accepted Medium 128   online API reference  
  1481 Enhancement Accepted Medium 128   Add continuous integration service  
  414 Enhancement Reviewed Medium 122   Google Code SVN should use OAuth for authentication  
  456 Enhancement Accepted Medium 119   Add ability to rename a wiki page and have URL redirect to another page  
  781 Enhancement Accepted Medium 117 ----   Add ability to search commit messages   sourcebrowse2  
  4107 Enhancement Reviewed Medium 109   Prevent users from getting unnecessary comments  
  333 Enhancement Accepted Low 104 ----   Offline Wiki Editor  
  715 Enhancement Started Medium 102   More scalable notation for autolinks to project artifacts  
  1226 Enhancement Reviewed Medium 99 ----   Provide Maven2 repository upload facility for Google code projects  
  162 Enhancement Accepted Medium 94   The Wiki is not a Wiki as it doesn't allow anonymous contributions.  
  5088 Enhancement Reviewed Medium 94   Google Project hosting ought to have an API like other source code hosting solutions.  
  671 Enhancement Accepted Medium 92 ----   Translate Google Code Hosting into other languages   i18n  
  1621 Enhancement Accepted Medium 92 ----   Edit tab size  
  40 Enhancement Accepted Medium 91   Allow owners to set defaults for new downloads and wiki pages  
  3596 Enhancement Accepted Medium 91   Add custom favicon for projects hosted on Google Code  
  2696 Enhancement Reviewed Medium 90   Add support to Mercurial Queues(MQ) Please  
  3213 Enhancement Accepted Medium 90   Issue API should have the ability to attach/retrieve files to/from issues  
  625 Enhancement Accepted Medium 89 ----   Unversioned storage space for generated reports and documentation  
  751 Enhancement Accepted Medium 89   Link each commit to an issue through the ID embedded on the commit message  
  4093 Enhancement Reviewed Medium 88 ----   Allow to rate comments  
  325 Enhancement Accepted Medium 87   Editable Released date for downloads   downloads2  
  3029 Enhancement Reviewed Medium 82 ----   Code quality management tool  
  1431 Enhancement Reviewed Low 79 ----   Ability to render math formulae in the wiki  
  2323 Enhancement Reviewed Low 78   Allow users without Google account to submit issues  
  2739 Enhancement Reviewed Low 78   Add Mercurial revision numbers  
  187 Enhancement Reviewed Medium 76 ----   Collaborative translation  
  1645 Enhancement Started Medium 76   Mylyn integration of Issue-Tracker  
  2292 Enhancement Accepted Medium 76   always-on blame when viewing source files   sourcebrowse2  
  2163 Defect Accepted Medium 74   Display an error when exceeding the limit of starred users or projects   Usability  
  281 Enhancement Reviewed Low 73 ----   Google Sites Integration  
  314 Enhancement Accepted Medium 73   Allow users to edit the summary line of issues that they have entered  
  364 Enhancement Reviewed Medium 73   Multiple addresses in activity notifications  
  382 Enhancement Accepted Medium 73   a google code API based on gdata  
  2468 Defect Accepted Medium 72   Editing localized wiki pages  
  670 Enhancement Accepted Medium 69   When adding a new issue, show some similar existing issues  
  2055 Enhancement Accepted Medium 69   Allow for "linked" / "included" files in wiki pages.   wiki2  
  410 Enhancement Accepted Medium 68   List other wiki pages that link to this wiki page  
  1143 Enhancement Reviewed Medium 68 ----   Pre-SVN commit hook enhancement  
  2204 Enhancement Accepted Medium 68   svn rollback via an admin UI  
  2514 Enhancement Accepted Medium 68   Review an entire Mercurial branch  
  4019 Enhancement Accepted Medium 66   Hosting Status Page similar to Google App Engine Status  
  2354 Enhancement Reviewed Medium 65   Fix date/times so that the are appropriate around the world   i18n  
  2665 Enhancement Accepted Medium 65   automatic documentation generators  
  3203 Enhancement Accepted Medium 64   Issue API should have the ability to get project metadata  
  3296 Defect Reviewed Medium 64   Downloads shouldn't always be cacheable  
  2000 Enhancement Accepted Medium 62   Allow customization of search scope drop-down (canned queries)  
  797 Enhancement Accepted Medium 60   autolink issue ids in commit message using bugtraq: properties  
  1864 Enhancement Accepted Medium 60   Get rid of "collision" notices (or make them by-passable).  
  86 Enhancement Accepted Medium 59   Preview for the project description.  
  835 Enhancement Accepted Medium 59   artifact reference backlinks  
  1049 Enhancement Accepted Medium 59   Flag spam comments  
  1721 Enhancement Reviewed Medium 59 ----   Public To-Do list for Developers  
  5804 Enhancement Accepted Medium 59   Hide closed/inactive Mercurial branches in Google Code dropdown  
  1133 Enhancement Accepted Low 58   Make a clear link for browsing changes in a directory   sourcebrowse2  
  418 Enhancement Reviewed Medium 57 ----   Issue notification refinement -- email notice for new issues only  
  996 Enhancement Accepted Medium 57   Disable autolinking to revisions when ! is used  
  946 Enhancement Reviewed Medium 56   Support multi-lingual wiki pages through the wiki's web editor  
  578 Enhancement Accepted Low 55 ----   Filters for project searches  
  1116 Defect Accepted Medium 55   Provide timeline of deletion  
  3900 Enhancement Reviewed Medium 55   RSS feed of issues I have starred  
  27991 Enhancement Reviewed Medium 55   Switch to Google+ user profiles  
  366 Enhancement Reviewed Medium 54   Using Wiki front end on googlecode makes svnsync unusable  
  2007 Enhancement Reviewed Medium 54 ----   .NET ClickOnce Deployment to Download Directory  
  2679 Enhancement Reviewed Medium 54 ----   separate svn repository for wiki submissions  
  2109 Enhancement Reviewed Medium 53 ----   In diff, revision selector is hard to use.   sourcebrowse2  
  4493 Defect New Medium 52 ----   Am now getting a Forbidden (403) When I try to upload a file with the same name.  
  5569 Enhancement Reviewed Medium 52   Integration with Google+  
  110 Enhancement Accepted Medium 51 ----   Enable Edit/Customization of User Profile  
  699 Enhancement Reviewed Medium 51 ----   Fresher, more integrated source code search  
  995 Enhancement Accepted Medium 51   Make "join project" into a communication from user to project owner  
  932 Enhancement Accepted Low 50   auto-link issue/revision/wiki references even in list views  
  661 Enhancement Reviewed Medium 49 ----   Export wiki in XML format  
  2271 Enhancement Accepted Medium 49   create download directories  
  3245 Enhancement Accepted Medium 49   Impossible to specify repository in automatic revision linkification.  
  2115 Enhancement Accepted Medium 45   issue tracker charts, reports, and graphs  
  5915 Enhancement Reviewed Medium 44   Add a way to automatically pull from a repository  
  1545 Enhancement Accepted Medium 43   Side by Side diff to show only Differences   sourcebrowse2  
  2810 Enhancement New Medium 40 ----   Add a Donation feature / link Checkout into a Project  
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