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Issue 5254: Notify users who are @mentioned in comments
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Reported by, Apr 23, 2011
What new or enhanced feature are you proposing?
If I add a comment to an issue, wiki page, or code review, and I mention a specific user, e.g., @jrobbins, then it should notify that user via email, even if they would not otherwise be notified.  

We could have a user preference to allow users to opt out of this type of notification.  Being opted in by default is the right choice because this notification only happens when one user specifically wants to communicate with the other user.  E.g., to bring them into a conversation that they need to participate in.

We need to be careful to not accidentally interpret @foo as a mention if it is really part of some program source code, error code, or other jargon.   So, maybe we restrict this to just project members.  And/or, maybe for each mention there is a little checkbox shown above the Submit button so that the poster can avoid sending emails when no @mention was intended.

It would be cool to offer an autocomplete of member email addresses after the user types the leading "@".  By "leading" I mean that it probably needs to be preceded non-word character.

If we encourage users to start typing other users' email addresses into the body of comments, then we'll need to obscure those addresses as per the privacy preferences of the mentioned user.

What goal would this enhancement help you achieve?
It would be a very convenient way bring other project members into specific issues to, e.g., answer a specific question.   It would be better than CC'ing the user for that use case because it is only notifying them about that one relevant comment.  And, it would be a way for a user who does not have permission to edit the CC field to still notify a needed participant through a comment.

Note, a similar feature is found on several social networking sites and in another popular issue tracker.

This feature was suggested by Anthony.

Apr 24, 2011
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