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Issue 4973: Transition to new Google Apps lost project admin status
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Reported by, Feb 14, 2011
I had a Google apps account and Google code account under the same email address and when Google apps allowed me to transition to the new version that consolidates the 2 accounts into one, I lost the ability to administer my Google code project. My email address is still listed under the Owner but I don't have the ability to do anything the owner should be able to do.

Can this be fixed? or do I just have to start my project over with a new name in my new Google apps account?

Apr 2, 2011
I've got exactly the same problem. Except for that my email has changed on project page to, but I cannot regain control over my Google Code projects anymore.
Apr 3, 2011
I was able to add my "new" email to the list of administrators after I logged into the old account using this email: (yes, with % instead of %25). I hope this helps others who encounter the same problem.
Aug 17, 2011
I had to create a new gmail account for my old GAFYD email... but when I login to google code, it still labels it as the gtempaccount... its confusing and ugly.
Sep 2, 2011
After changing the email of my old account to a non-google email I was still able administer the project and add my google apps account as owner (and it seems I can administer with the apps account), but the original owner (the account I had to remain due to the 'transition') is written in the users section with
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