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Issue 3901: Navigation controls for web view of a revision's file diff
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Reported by, Apr 24, 2010
What new or enhanced feature are you proposing?
The features below require an anchor in the diff view for each difference.

"Prev/Next difference" - a fixed-position toolbar which cycles through the 
diff anchors in the page.

"Diff sidebar" - a fixed-position sidebar (next to the scroll bar?) which 
is the same height as the browser's viewport.  The sidebar contains scaled, 
colored patches representing individual differences across the file.  
Clicking on these patches would quickly scroll to the anchor in the page 
for that difference.

What goal would this enhancement help you achieve?
As it is, the scroll bar is all that exists.  These will make it easier to 
navigate file diffs.
Apr 24, 2010
You might find the keyboard shortcuts to be useful.

I did notice that we could use a "?" shortcut for showing help on the keyboard shortcuts, like we have on the 
issue tracker. That would make them more discoverable.

Status: Reviewed
Labels: Component-SourceBrowsing
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