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Issue 387: embed the tabs
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Reported by, Aug 20, 2007
it would be nice to have an option to generate an url for each tab in a 
project. this url can be embeded in any page as an iframe.
google calendar has such an option and it allows a nice integration in an 
existing homepage.
i have embeded the existing page and it looks not really cool ;-))
Aug 20, 2007
This is something that aligns well with our suggestion that OSS projects are welcome
to use the parts of our hosting service that they find useful and to combine it with
other websites or services that are specific to their projects.
Labels: -Type-Defect Type-Enhancement Milestone-2007
Oct 9, 2008
some more infos about this topic??
Nov 19, 2008
#4 artdent
 Issue 1787  has been merged into this issue.
Nov 26, 2008
Seeing this request has been made over a year ago - and the Milstone is 2007 - can
someone please give an update on the state of this issue?
Dec 5, 2008
any news about the status of this issue. a short one is also OK!!
Dec 10, 2008
We launched Google Code gadgets to mitigate this issue to some degree. 

This is still a valid feature request, so I'm updating the milestone. It's not likely
to be fixed soon in 2009.
Labels: -Milestone-2007 Milestone-2009
Dec 10, 2008
In what way do the Google Code gadget mitigate this issue?
The gadgets are for use within Google Code pages.

We would like a a url to a Google Code page without all the surrounding makeup.
That has nothing to do with the gadgets imho.
Dec 10, 2008
#9 ningerso
@petervanwesten: He's referring to a different use of gadgets. :-)

If you visit the feeds page for a project, there is a link to gadgets which can be embedded on other sites to 
display your Google Code data. As an example, look at
Dec 10, 2008
I'm sorry, I'm stupid!
Mar 18, 2009
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Apr 4, 2010
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Apr 5, 2010
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Apr 5, 2010
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