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Issue 3380: Allow soft breaks in Wiki lists
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Status:  Reviewed
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Reported by, Dec 5, 2009
What new or enhanced feature are you proposing?
There should be an easy way to insert line breaks without starting a new item.
For example in a bullet list it should be possible to do something like this
  * List item header<br>
    more text for this item
(the above example is of course possible, but will not be rendered as expected)

What goal would this enhancement help you achieve?
Nicer formatting.
Dec 7, 2009
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Status: Reviewed
Labels: Component-Wiki
Apr 2, 2011
Just a little comment about this issue: the MediaWiki system (Wikipedia uses it) also doesn't allow this. In the past I had to resort to the good old HTML like <ul><li></li><ul> to get things done.
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