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Issue 3189: auto-update issues referenced in commit message so that issues have link to the sources that changed
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Reported by, Oct 15, 2009
When commits are made with the correct SVN bug tracking properties set, 
links are automatically added to the corresponding page in source browser 
pointing to the issues pages that were referenced in the commit message.  
My request is that the other direction is also linked.  So after the 
commit, the issues that were referenced are also updated with links to the 
source file version pages in the source browser.

To put it another way, links from source to issues are currently provided, 
but links from issues to source do not exist yet.

I think this duplicates at least one existing issue, but I'm not sure 
which or what the schedule is for implementing the links from issue to 

Oct 15, 2009
Yeah, this is similar to issue 835.
Status: Accepted
Owner: jrobbins
Labels: Component-IssueTracker
Jun 28, 2010
Switching to my account.
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