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Issue 28024: Filter options in issue search field just shown in case there were results
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Status:  Accepted

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Reported by, Apr 5, 2012
NOTE: This issue tracker is only for reporting problems with
Google's open source project hosting service. For issues
with specific projects that we host, enter issues in that
specific project instead.

What steps will reproduce the problem?
Step 1. Enter a search for issues that brings no results (example:"search+without+any+results")
Step 2. Type a value, for which an auto-completion should be available (example "ow" should normally offer several entries for "owner:...")

What is the expected output? What do you see instead?
There are no suggestions shown when the previous search didn't generate any results.

What browser (or git/hg/svn client) are you using? On what operating
Firefox 11.0 on Win7.

Apr 5, 2012
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Status: Accepted
Oct 31, 2012
Btw. you can just see this problem when you are a project member, because normal users don't get completion suggestions yet. This is filed in issue 28716.

I assume the fix for this problem should be pretty simple while the number of affected users is very high. So I wonder what's blocking you.

Nov 6, 2012
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