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Issue 22761: renames show up as add+remove in UI
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Status:  Accepted

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Project Member Reported by, Feb 24, 2012
is a rename+edit but it shows up as a delete+add.
It would be nice if it showed up as a "move" (or "copy"+delete)
operation, so that the diff showed the diff between the two files.

I can prove the Mercurial repository has the necessary
data, because hg export --git knows to diff the two files
instead of treating it as an add+remove:

$ hg export --git 1 | grep diff
diff --git a/src/pkg/debug/macho/testdata/hello.b b/src/pkg/debug/macho/testdata/hello.c
Mar 9, 2012
See also  issue 5768 
Oct 16, 2012
Project Member #2
 Issue 5768  has been merged into this issue.
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