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SuperPodder is a barebones podcast downloader written as an alternative to other more complex podcast / feed applications. SuperPodder is meant to be simple and basic. Easy to use, manage and monitor. Feeds are managed in a simple xml based file which can be edited with your favorite editor. Superpodder uses multiple rss libraries to try and download your latest podcasts ordered by most recent time/date (aka catchup). You can decide how to categorize podcasts, creating a specific ordering that is suitable for your mp3 player.

-text based history file to prevent duplicate downloads (users can prune this file if they want to download things again).

-simple xml format for storing your feeds. Use your favourite editor to modify this file.

-grouping of podcasts in xml file. E.g: business, science, background, etc...

-simple user interface that gives a detailed overview of the progress of the downloads.

-error and failure history of rss feeds so you can easily detect when to get rid of an rss feed or change the rss feed url.

-some podcasts are cut into multiple pieces. With SuperPodder you can specify how many downloads from a particular feed you want, preventing that you miss parts of your favorite podcasts.

-suited for periodic (radio) podcasts. It does not download all files encoded in the the feed but only the most recent one. I do not always have time to listen to all episodes of every podcasts on my mp3 player, and this prevents me from downloading too much. If there is a podcast that I defintely not want to miss, I set the 'number' field in the xml configuration file high.

-support for torrent urls encoded in rss feed. In Superpodder you can activate the torrent link and specify the location of the torrent client. If the rss feed contains torrent urls it will 'route' these torrents to your torrent client which will start the download. Certain torrent clients do have support for rss feeds but doing this with superpodder gives you the simplicity, easy of use and ability to use simple xml files to download files in bulk.

-makes an effort to find the correct url for downloading. Download links are not allways encoded in the same field (or correct field). SuperPodder looks in several fields to find the link to the podcast file. SuperPodder uses the ROME rss feed library however even this libary might fail to read a feed as it is fairly strict in parsing feeds as a backup it uses the RSSLib4J library. The RSSLib4J is modified (enhanced), to deal with as much exceptions as possible in an RSS feed page (e.g. inconsistent time stamps, url encoded in wrong field).

-Developers can develop and plugin their own feed libary and thus use multiple feedreaders to resolve a podcast location.

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