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Keyboard shortcuts available in program
Updated Mar 8, 2012 by MeanEYE.rcf

Keyboard Shortcuts

Please check "Key bindings" in program's "Preferences". You can find most shortcuts there.

Main window shortcuts

Shortcut Description
CTRL + A Select all files
* (numpad) Invert selection
+ (numpad) Select with pattern
- (numpad) Unselect with pattern
ALT + + (numpad) Select items with same extension
ALT + - (numpad) Unselect items with same extension
CTRL + F1 Show bookmarks/mounts for left panel
CTRL + F2 Show bookmarks/mounts for right panel
CTRL + ALT + P Options window
CTRL + H Toggle show hidden files
CTRL + Q Quit application
F11 Full screen
F12 Compare directories

File list shortcuts

Shortcut Description
CTRL + B Edit bookmarks
CTRL + D Bookmark current directory
CTRL + T Duplicate tab
CTRL + SHIFT + T Open selected directory in new tab
CTRL + W Close tab
CTRL + Tab Next tab
CTRL + SHIFT + Tab Previous tab
CTRL + Z Open terminal tab
CTRL + R Reload list
CTRL + C Copy selected items to clipboard
CTRL + X Cut selected items to clipboard
CTRL + V Paste selected items from clipboard
Backspace, Left Go to parent directory
CTRL + Backspace Show history list
ALT + Letter Quick search (default behavior, can be changed)
ALT + Number Go to bookmarked location
Menu or SHIFT + F10 Open file/directory menu
CTRL + Menu Open with menu
CTRL + Left/Right Inherit path from/on the oposite panel
ALT + F3 Enable/disable fast media preview
F4 Open text editor
F5 Copy selection
F6 Move selection
F7 Create directory
CTRL + F7 Create empty file
F8 / Delete Delete selection
Enter, Right Execute selected item or open directory

Terminal shortcuts

Shortcut Description
CTRL + SHIFT + C Copy selected text
CTRL + SHIFT + V Paste text from clipboard
CTRL + T Duplicate tab
CTRL + W Close tab
CTRL + Tab Next tab
CTRL + SHIFT + Tab Previous tab
CTRL + Z Open terminal tab

History list

Shortcut Description
Enter Navigate to selected path in active tab
CTRL + Enter Open selected path in new tab
Escape Close history list

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