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Download: Version 0.1a-40
Uploaded by:  MeanEYE.rcf
Released: Mar 05, 2012
Uploaded:  Mar 5, 2012
Downloads: 131

Download  Sunflower-0.1a-40.tgz   569 KB
This release is mostly bug fixes. The following things were added/changed:

  + Set timestamps after copying file.
  + Set title bar background to red when running with super-user permissions.
  * Updated and fixed Russian translation.
  * Fixed bug where application selection dialog failed to open.
  * Fixed reference problem in merge dialog.
  * Fixed bug with setting terminal font from gconf.
  * Change data order for saved tabs.
  * Fixed accelerators with Shift+Tab combination.
  * Duplicate tab on middle click on tab title bar.
  * Fixed racing condition when directory content was loaded from a thread.
SHA1 Checksum: 2ac5ac12b6416a3dc0d3856aeecc4784cd95efed What's this?

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