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DeveloperGuide A guide to hacking on Subtext.   Featured Jul 2010  
ProductRoadmap Where Subtext is headed. Jun 2010 simone.chiaretta  
Subtext25ReleaseNotes What's new in Subtext 2.5 May 2010  
ReleaseChecklist Checklist to run down when creating a new release. May 2010  
BreakingChangesSubtext25 Skinning changes in Subtext 2.5 May 2010 simone.chiaretta  
UrlBlogMapping Describes how a URL is mapped to a blog. Jan 2010 travis.illig  
ThirdPartyCredits Components used by Subtext and their respective licenses. Jan 2010 travis.illig  
DatabaseRefactorings Proposed database refactorings for Subtext 2.2. Jan 2010 travis.illig  
ReleaseNotes Changes in released versions of Subtext. Jan 2010 travis.illig  
RequestLifecycle An in-depth look at the life of a Subtext request. Jan 2010 travis.illig  
UtilitiesPageFunctionalSpec Functional spec for a proposed "Utilities" page. Jan 2010 travis.illig  
ContinuousIntegration Outlines the Subtext CI environment. Jan 2010 travis.illig  
QaTestPlan Test plan for testing releases of Subtext. Jan 2010 travis.illig  
SourceControl Outlines patterns and practices to follow in the repository. Jan 2010 travis.illig  
DevelopmentEnvironment Describes the environment needed to build/work on Subtext. Jan 2010 travis.illig  
PatchSubmission How to submit a patch for Subtext. Jan 2010 travis.illig  
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