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Updated Nov 13, 2013 by damiog

#Frequently Asked Question.

Why doesn't QuickTime and others Apple's devices see the subtitles/chapters?

The file extension must be .m4v, or QuickTime and iPod/AppleTV won't show any subtitles tracks.

How can I add chapters' images?

Enable the "Create Preview Images" checkbox in the Preferences, the next time you will save or optimize a file, a new track with the chapters' images will be created.

Why does my SRT file not import in Subler?

Even though the text encoding detector should detect the text encoding of your SRT file, it sometimes fails to do so. You'll increase your chances of success by using UTF-8 encoding. You can use Jubler to edit the SRT file before importing in Subler.

AppleTV 2 hangs on movies with AC-3 audio?

It seems the latest ATV2 software needs the file to be properly interleaved. You can make it so by using Subler's Optimize function.

What's the "Optimize" function ?

It interleaves the audio and video samples, and puts the "MooV" atom at the begining of the file, restoring the Quicktime "fast-start" (also known as "pseudo-streaming") ability of the file.

How to improve VobSub and PGS ocr

If you are trying to OCR a non English subtitle track, you can download from the Tesseract 3.02 language files for the language you want, and copy the .tessdata file inside ~/Library/Application Support/Subler/tessdata/ (the library folder inside your home folder, it might be hidden, you can select the Go menu in Finder, press all and select "Library"). Subler will load the new .tessdata file automatically when needed.

Perian AC-3 issue on Mountain Lion and later OS X releases

Download A52Codec from the download page, and decompress it in ~/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components . More info in:

Why can't I mux file larger than 4GB?

You need to enable the "64 Bit chunk offset" checkbox if you think the files will be bigger than 4GB. It's not enabled by default, because many devices (old iPod, Playstation 3) can't read this type of mp4.

Comment by, Oct 2, 2009

Does it support .ssa subtitles? What won't .sub work (it crashes)

Comment by project member damiog, Oct 21, 2009

no it doesn't.

Comment by, Oct 23, 2009

Will/does subler support divx/xvid ?

Comment by, Nov 1, 2009

divx/xvid are video codecs and so the question is not really applicable. Subler is an MP4 container "editor" that allows you to add streams (video, audio, subtitles, chapter markers) and meta data (tagging). MP4, as a standard, only supports particular codecs and I don't think divx/xvid are in that list.

Comment by project member damiog, Nov 2, 2009

Divx/Xvid are implementations of the mpeg-4 asp standard. But it's usually stored in avi using a lot of crappy hacks, and it's stored the same way in matroska too. So I don't really want to have anything to do with it.

Comment by, Nov 2, 2009

Is a negative subtitle delay possible?

Comment by project member damiog, Nov 3, 2009


Comment by, Nov 13, 2009

menu 'preferences' is unavailable in subler (version 0.9.3). is that normal?

Comment by, Nov 16, 2009

Subler has become the best all-around MacOS X tool for adding subtitles, chapters and metadata. Is there any chance that HREF tracks will be added? Admittedly, HREF Tracks aren't as exciting as the others and don't even work under QuickTime? X (bug report submitted and acknowledged as a 'known' issue).

Comment by, Nov 17, 2009

Subler has become my default tool for editing tags adding subtitles and chapters. I am just missing one thing which is support for a service like TagChimp?. A standard Subler import/export interface in a xml format would be enough for me in a first place. Is it something that you have in plan ?

Comment by project member damiog, Nov 18, 2009

Yes, I plan to add TagChimp? or others services. But I don't know when I will add it.

Comment by, Nov 25, 2009

This is a great app, thank you!

However, I find that (in iTunes and QuickTime? Player), long subtitle lines wrap automatically on Mac OS X but do not wrap (and are therefore cropped at the edges) on Windows. Is there any way to encourage the subtitles to wrap, or would I have to insert hard linebreaks? The TTXT XML format seems to support a "wrap" option, but as far as I can see Subler requires SRT. Is there a "wrap" option in SRT?

Comment by, Dec 12, 2009

When subler adds a subtitle track it puts it on Layer -1 what does that mean and how do I duplicate it with MP4Box?

Hare the current commands I use for MP4Box:

MP4Box -add output.m4v

MP4Box -add output.m4v

Don't know if you can answer this question also, but do you know how to make MP4Box stop doing this:

Forcing AVC/H264 SAR to 1:1...

Saving output.m4v: 0.500 secs Interleaving

I don't want it messing with my files whatsoever.

Never mind above. I found if I rename it to .mp4 it doesn't auto process it and I can do this:

MP4Box -add"sbtl:tx3g" output.mp4

MP4Box -add"sbtl:tx3g":disable output.mp4

Still not sure what your Layer -1 is.

Comment by project member damiog, Dec 13, 2009

layer -1 means that the track is always above the video track (layer 0).

Comment by, Dec 13, 2009

I read this page regarding it:


  • width : defines text stream width in pixels (type: unsigned integer). Default value is 400 pixels.
  • height : defines text stream height in pixels (type: unsigned integer). Default value is 80 pixels.
  • translation_x : defines text stream horizontal translation in main display in pixels (type: signed integer). Default value is 0 pixels.
  • translation_y : defines text stream vertical translation in main display in pixels (type: signed integer). Default value is 0 pixels.
  • layer : defines text stream z-order (type: signed short). This is only needed when composing several text streams in a single presentation: more negative layer values are towards the viewer. Default value is 0.

Still not really sure what that means. When a subsequent track is added using subler it still stays at -1.

I do see the layer option in quicktime pro as well. Its verbage is "Smaller layer numbers are further forward". Still not laymans enough for me...

Comment by, Dec 13, 2009

What is your suggestion for handling 2 english subtitles with Apple TV?

Currently it only plays the first english subtitle. You cannot select the 2nd one. One you select english then both english subtitles are selected. I have to change the language on the second one to something else. Anyway to add some sort of description to the subtitle? Like "Directors Commentary".

I tried setting to the alternate group to like 3 on the 2nd english track and then it doesn't even show up on the Apple TV.

Comment by project member damiog, Dec 13, 2009

Double click on the text in the name column in subler, and you will be able to change the track name.

Comment by, Dec 13, 2009

that works in subler, can now select from 2 different english subtitle tracks.

not sure how you are doing that bit of magic, can't even set that in quicktime pro.

Comment by project member damiog, Dec 14, 2009

You can set the name in QuickTime? Pro too, double click on the track name in the Movie Property window.

Comment by, Dec 17, 2009

My apologies if this is not the correct place to post, but my question is related and i did not want to clutter the section on issues.

For starters, subler works great for anything Apple, as well as VLC and mplayer and their derivatives. The only problem is that when subtitles are added, the files refuse to play on the popcorn hour and western digital live (and most likely some others). I understand that it is up to these developers to add support, but is there some way in which subler can make these files degrade more gracefully and still play, regardless of subtitles?

I am not entirely sure, but it seems like these devices fail whenever encountering a sbtl:tx3g type of track. Apparently, this is not a problem with text:tx3g, but I am unsure whether Apple devices correctly detect the subtitles in such a case. Would it be possible to test whether text:tx3g works for Apple equipment (I would be happy to test some beta or developer build with this feature)? If this is the case, perhaps text:tx3g might be a safer choice than sbtl:tx3g.

Then again, I might be completely wrong :-).

Comment by project member damiog, Dec 17, 2009

text:tx3g in QuickTime?? uses the standard tx3g decoder, but it's and old type quicktime component, slow and deprecated. And it doesn't even work on QTX/iPod/iPhone.

A mp4 demuxer should ignore everything it doesn't know, if it doesn't it's clearly broken and not ready for any small change that may happen in the future.

Comment by, Dec 17, 2009

Ok, just as I thought then. I was under the impression that I used text:tx3g in the past and that it made all my movies choppy. Given your explanations, my impressions may just be about right. :) Thanks for answering!

Comment by, Dec 18, 2009

How do you remove explicit tags? I've been trying and I just can't work the program out at all.

Comment by project member damiog, Dec 19, 2009

Oh, that's hidden in the Other Settings tab.

Comment by, Dec 19, 2009

Yeah, I saw that but then what do I do after that? Like, I actually have no idea what I'm doing at all. :S

Comment by project member damiog, Dec 19, 2009

Uh, set it to none and save the file?

Comment by, Dec 20, 2009

kvaruni, I am told if you rename the file to .mp4 then WD TV will see the subs.

Comment by, Dec 24, 2009

"Why can't I mux file larger than 4GB?

You need to enable the "64 Bit chunk offset" checkbox if you think the files will be bigger than 4GB. It's not enabled by default, because many devices (old iPod, Playstation 3) can't read this type of mp4."

Playstation 3 CAN handle +4gb mp4 files :) (tested on my PAL PS3 with firmware 3.10 - .mp4 file was created with mp4box)

Comment by, Dec 31, 2009

When changing the subtitle track offset a white thick "line" shows.

I have tried with a movie sized 1280x528. Because of the unused space below the movie I would like the subtitle to be shown there instead of "on top" of the movie. The offset was automaticly set to 0x468 wich will be in the bottom of the movie. But when changing the offset to anything else the thick white "line" shows.

Comment by, Jan 2, 2010, my apologies for the late response but this does not work. All the renaming does is allow fast forwarding, which is impossible in the case of m4v. But the WD TV still cannot see or display the subtitles.

Comment by, Jan 8, 2010

make sure you are at the highest WDTV firmware levels.

Comment by, Jan 12, 2010


can this application be ported on windows xp using iTunes installed libraries?

best regards

Comment by, Feb 5, 2010

pokeutopia: For converting ssa to srt, there are tools out there to do that, though many seem to be targeted at MS-Windows. Searching around for a Mac compatible solution revealed Jubler ( ), which is open source.

Comment by, Feb 6, 2010

Why it dosnt work for .mov, but only for .m4v? Not everybody uses iPhones, and .mov is also a container..

Comment by, Feb 6, 2010

Subler was written with MP4 in mind, and concentrates its strengths there. The project is open source, so if anyone wants to contribute to the project the possibility exists.

MPEG4 is not an iPhone only solution, and is in fact the current container for storing video, following on from MPEG1 and MPEG2. MPEG4 is a format supported by Bluray and a growing number of personal media players. The MPEG4 container specification is managed by the 'Moving Picture Experts Group' and is the upcoming defacto standard. See Wikipedia page for more information.

Comment by, Feb 6, 2010

When saving a video, what is the difference between:

  • Video MPEG4
  • Movie MPEG4
Comment by project member damiog, Feb 8, 2010

Video MPEG4 uses the m4v extension and the "M4V " brand. Movie MPEG4 the mp4 extension and "MP42" as the major brand.

The first is more correct for the files subler can create, but the software player only looks at the file extension.

Comment by, Feb 9, 2010

In the save dialog box, what does the "64 bits times" checkbox do?

Also, I want to extend my sincere thanks to all the contributors of this project. It's an extremely useful application, and I really appreciate the time and effort you guys are putting into it. It's saving me a ton of time adding subtitles to my collection of DVDs that I'm encoding, as well as converting some mkvs I downloaded.

Comment by project member damiog, Feb 9, 2010

It means the file will use 64bit integer instead of 32bit int. Useless unless you have a movie longer than 13 hours.

Comment by, Feb 21, 2010

Is it possible to include a DTS audio track in an MP4? I know Subler does not currently support muxing DTS, but I'm wondering if the spec allows it, or if I need to convert DTS audio to AC3.

Comment by project member damiog, Feb 22, 2010

Theoretically yes, there are some specs that defines how to mux dts inside mp4. But I don't have it. And it's useless to implement it anyway. There is no player support for it.

Comment by, Feb 28, 2010

to fred.bailly  issue 89 . I have run across the same issue, but not using handbrake. Do not tag in handbrake or attempt to modify the language of the video stream. damiog puts his own custom tags on the video and reverts it to 1:1 PAR. I don't know what modifying the dimensions or par has to do with this program. Seems like unnecessary features, encoder needs to encode video correct the first time. If you create a 720x480 anamorphic with DAR 16:9, this program changes to DAR 1.5, by using MP4 options, which aren't supported by everything anyhow.

Comment by, Feb 28, 2010

i meant to say dont tag with subler if you dont want to it modify video dimension, actually I never have so can't confirm that it does mess up PAR/DAR if you do that, but if you change the language from say blank to english then yes it does totally change your PAR/DAR settings, which were correct to begin with. I only had to change language on a video stream once, and i just used mp4track to get around this issue.

Comment by, Feb 28, 2010

I suggest making some sort of preference setting that disables all video par/dar adjustments or just get rid of the feature. There isn't anyway I found once your video is morphed into 1:1 par to reset it back to how it is supposed to be.

Comment by project member damiog, Feb 28, 2010

If you created a mp4 with a broken version of HandBrake?, it's better to fix it up. I was the one to change HandBrake? to use the pasp atom instead of crazy matrix values that broke everything in every quicktime player that uses clean aperture.

You can restore it by setting the right par and the right width/height.

It shouldn't change it in the first place, but well, it's not the end of the world.

Comment by, Feb 28, 2010

damiog i sent you emails to your google account with 2 attachments for the dsecription and anamorphic bug.

Comment by, Mar 9, 2010

I am not sure how or what the PAR/DAR settings in Subler. For example - some videos I have encoded to raw stream - after importing them and muxing to a m4v the 'Normal Size' the actual DAR that was used when encoding (i.e 720x480). If I leave the 'Aspect Ratio' at 1x1 then iTunes will show the video (under Get Info) as 720x480, as expected... however if I set the scaled size to 873x480 (widescreen DVD) while leaving the 'Aspect Ratio' at 1x1 - iTunes still shows and plays it at 720x480 - but my Apple TV will play it at 873x480.

So obviously iTunes and Apple TV work differently when playing the file. iTunes is the same as Quicktime time... uses the 'Aspect Ratio' where are Apple TV uses the 'Scale Size'

Ok - so that I get... but from curiosity I loaded a few m4v file that I purchased from iTunes... all those videos show a Normal Size of 0x0 and the 'Scaled Size' to a correct viewing size (i.e 853x464) And the 'Aspect Ratio' is 1x1 - so I am confused as to what the difference is between the videos I am making which show their 'Normal Size' where are the iTunes Store ones do not.

Cheers, Chris

Comment by project member damiog, Mar 10, 2010

m4v purchased from iTunes are encrypted with the fairplay drm, subler can't read them fine. But probably, they have the right par set in the video stream. Latest version of QuickTime? and iTunes read it if there isn't one set in the container.

Comment by, Mar 13, 2010

I was able to reposition subtitles using the offset and size properties in Subler, but the change only seems to affect Quicktime 7. No matter what I try, I can't seem to affect position in Quicktime X. Is this a known bug, or is some other positioning method being used in X?


Comment by project member damiog, Mar 14, 2010

QuickTime? X ignores all those properties. Nothing you can do about.

Comment by, Mar 18, 2010

It seems like MP4s that I am creating with the latest version of subler, are not working on wdtvlive. Previous ones are fine. I can take the exact tracks in the mp4, and put in mkv, and work fine in wdtvlive, so it is not incompatible h264 or anything. Any thoughts?

Comment by project member damiog, Mar 18, 2010

No idea. There aren't any known issue and I don't own an wdtvlive.

Comment by, Mar 26, 2010

can you edit the FAQ or put it somewhere how to add still images to Chapters, i've downloaded the new update but I just can't seem to figure it out... totally noob questions, but even if you can point me in the right direction that would be great. thanks, oh and this software RULES!

Comment by project member damiog, Mar 28, 2010

You have to enable the option in the preference, and then save or optimize the file. There is no control over it yet.

Comment by, Apr 1, 2010

Hi there. Brand new to Subler and had a question about adding the chapter images. I have over 6000 episodes that i've already added metadata to using Lostify, but would now like to add the chapter images using Subler. Is there a way to do this without it altering the metadata already attached? It seems to want to delete my New Zealand ratings when i just save using Subler. I want to make sure i have the process sorted before starting the mammoth task, i don't want to stuff any of my files up :-) Thanks in advance.

Comment by, Apr 1, 2010

I've done a couple of tests and optimize seems to do that job, would that be right? Another question, is there a way that i can add artwork using Subler but not have it alter my New Zealand ratings? It doesn't seem to have a problem with any other metadata, just the ratings. I've tried leaving it as 'unknown' and also removing the rating column all together, but it still deletes what i've already added in Lostify. Sorry if these questions are silly. Thanks in advance :-)

Comment by project member damiog, Apr 2, 2010

If you have 6000 episodes, you better use sublercli, just make a little script to open them all and pass the right option.

For the rating problem… I think I will have to add the remaining ratings…

Comment by, Apr 5, 2010

I've never played around with terminal nor tried writing scripts, so i'd better stick to what i know. So can i just check again, is optimize what i need to use to add the chapter images? Oh, and the rating that you don't have that i use a lot is M. You'll probably find that would also be of benefit to anyone wanting Australian ratings also :-)

Comment by, Apr 5, 2010

I am having problems with videos that I muxed with Subler when streamed from my MacBook?/iTunes to my Apple TV. All the encoding settings are compatible... no cabac, profile level 3.1 etc etc - actually I don't even use B Frames just to be sure the Apple TV can handle it.

Not saying the fault is Sublers ;-)... the problem is the movie will be playing fine, but then suddenly stops/freezes for up to 10 min then continues for a bit and often will freeze again. I am watching the network speeds in Activity Monitor and the speed is steady around 4MB/sec.. so not sure if its the network... I have tried wireless (.n network at 5ghz with only my Mac Book using this access point), and wired (ethernet) - same results.

What I am wondering could this be something that the 'Optimize' feature would help? If I recall - this would move the moov atoms to the front of the file.... maybe that would help stream the file?

I should add that this happens only with HD movies that I encode at 4mbps (448kbps AC3 audio and 96kbps AAC audio). My SD videos (roughly 1.5mbps with 448kbps AC3 and 96kbps AAC) play typically with no problems at all.

Comment by project member damiog, Apr 6, 2010

If you muxed audio & video it with Subler, you should always optimize to have a file with interleaved audio and video. But 10 minutes it's a very long time, I wonder how the atv watchdog does even let it happens (it should restart itself much sooner).

Comment by, Apr 6, 2010

Not sure... but I spent the day opening every movie and TV show that I made in Subler and 'Optimized' them - now I am not getting any errors (yet). And I can even see a diff when navigating in the movie.... as long as the place I navigate to is buffer it simple moves to the new location and plays. Before the Apple TV blue bar would show the buffer reloading then play...

it's working well now though so.... its all cool


Comment by, Apr 6, 2010

Could you add the ability to add metadata contained in a XML file? Preferably in the format used by XBMC (I can provide a template if needed) and in both the GUI and the CLI.

Thanks in advance.

Comment by project member damiog, Apr 6, 2010

Maybe, meanwhile you could open a new issue and add a sample xml file :)

Comment by, Apr 11, 2010

First of all I want to say that this program is AMAZING and I will be sure do donate very soon~ I've searched around .... and I may be just missing it, but I'm trying to add the actual chapter names to each chapter. When I search for the movie and then it populates the data, the chapter section is just "chapter 1, chapter 2...... I then have to go to tag chimp and copy and paste the names into subler. Is there a way to avoid having to do this? THANKS SO MUCH~

Comment by, Apr 17, 2010

There are options to import metadata.How does this work? If you import from a file what is the format?

Comment by, Apr 18, 2010

I'm having problems muxing large HD (both 1080p and 720p) h.264 streams from mkv files. When attempting to mux, for example, an mkv with a 7.51GB h.264 stream with an aac stream that has been converted from a dts stream extracted from the original mkv, Subler will appear to mux the file all very nicely. However, when finished Subler does not display the newly muxed streams in the window as one would expect, and the file created is completely unplayable. I have made sure to check the "64 bit chunk size" box every time, and I have encountered this problem with several files. Coincidentally the only file that has worked successfully was one which was only 3.24GB in size. And I do stress that I did check the 64 bit file size option, even once trying with the 64 bit time code checked aswell.

Anyway, I'd like to heartily congratulate you on writing what is otherwise such a brilliantly, awesome, amazing program. I'm of the opinion that people never realise the hard work that goes into writing such a great program when asking for support, especially those offered for free. Congratulations again!

Comment by, Apr 19, 2010

Using SublerCLI, how do I set the HD Video flag, the Media Kind flag, the Content Rating flag, and Artwork. I've tried the following but with no success:

SublerCLI -i movie.m4v -t "{HD Video:1}" SublerCLI -i movie.m4v -t "{Media Kind:Movie}" SublerCLI -i movie.m4v -t "{Artwork:movie.jpg}"

Other tags are added perfectly, eg. SublerCLI -i movie.m4v -t "{Encoded By:Name}"


Comment by, Apr 20, 2010

Is there any way you could add a feature (like a checkbox) to have Subler put in the iPod G5 atom? I have a lot of video that should fit on my old iPod G5, but is missing that atom to actually synch up properly (over 320p, but under 640p), and I was hoping to be able to add in the atom without having to reconvert all of it. In any case, Subler is a fantastic program--thanks for making it!

Comment by, Apr 21, 2010

Есть ли возможность сохранить цветные субтитры при использовании Subler? При использовании Yamb это работает, а Subler игнорирует цвета.

Is it possible to preserve color subtitles using Subler? Using Yamb it works, and Subler ignores color.

Comment by project member damiog, Apr 24, 2010

No is not, because no one wrote the code for that.

Comment by, May 15, 2010

How the heck do I convert an mkv to m4v or mp4 with the CLI version?!? It works great with the GUI version...

Comment by, May 16, 2010

First, thank you so much for this wonderful tool that is Subler. It is so useful ;-) Now, is there anyway to add subtitles to bought TV Shows or Movies (I mean Apple's FairPlay? protected ones) ? When I try to do so, it works, but when saving the file, Subler set "Offset" to value 0 x 65476 pixels. Then, subtitle cannot be display correctly. And I can never change this value when saving. Any idea, please ?

Comment by, May 24, 2010

great program!!! Works like a charm and i know your gettin' hammered with a lot of requests, but Im wondering if there is a way to show/display the bit-rate for the audio track/s?

Comment by, May 25, 2010

Extremely useful program! I was just wondering if you knew that there were 2 subtitles options for portuguese? I use Portuguese (Brazil), but it defaults Portuguese (Portugal) and there isn't any other option to change it. It's not really important but it's always great for stuff to be perfect! Thanks

Comment by, May 29, 2010

Great program.

Is it possible to set the HD Video flag and Artwork in the CLI? If so, MetaX goes in the trash.

Anyone? All help is greatly appreciated.

Comment by project member damiog, May 31, 2010

Yes it is possible, I think it should be something like

-t "{HD Video:Yes}{Artwork:pathofyourfile}"

but there is a bug right now that prevent them from working if these are the only things you are changes, so you should change another tag too or something else for them to work.

Comment by, May 31, 2010

OK, so whats up here. MetaX (AtomicParsley?) takes about 3 minutes or more to tag a file. Way longer if you remove artwork. Subler take only a few seconds!

Smoke & Mirrors?

This app is great!

Comment by, May 31, 2010

How do you add the metadata from tagChimp? I go to File -> Import -> tagChimp, search for my movie, and then select the one I want and hit add. Nothing happens, no metadata is added to the file. What am I missing?

Comment by, Jun 4, 2010

Hi damiog,

Any idea when the next CLI update might be out? I have tried to use the {Artwork:pathofyourfile} with various other tags and the results seem inconsistent. Also I was wondering if the Category tag is )or will be) supported?

Just wanted you to know the work you have done on this is great and very much appreciated. If there is any testing I can help you with, I would be glad to!

Thanks again, Bob

Comment by, Jun 18, 2010

I am using subler to add explicit tags to my music. it does a good job, and its the closest i've gotten to adding the tags. my only problem is that wen i block my son's iPod touch from playing explicit songs. the songs still appear on there. I tried blocking songs that i purchased on iTunes but it won't block the ones I edit using subler. can you please fix the problem?

Comment by, Jun 22, 2010

How i can add audio track (AAC) on CLI like GUI version?

Comment by project member damiog, Jun 22, 2010

urlu22: I have no iTunes Store file with an Explicit tag, so I don't know if it is a Subler bug or iTunes bug. 2derand: you don't (yet).

Comment by, Jul 1, 2010

Here's my problem. I have a short (~ 6 min) video taken from a digital camera and converted by Handbrake to play on my iPhone. It plays there and pretty much everywhere else. But, when I add subtitles to it (with Subler) iTunes will no longer play the movie or load it (or tell me why). QuickTime? Player 7 won't load it and says "An invalid public movie atom was found in the movie". QuickTime? Player will play it, but not show the subtitles. It won't save it, giving the same msg.

This is with both Subler 0.9.7 and 0.9.8. Optimizing doesn't help. My srt file is very simple, and I checked it with SubCleaner?. I think all of my versions are up to date, but I can post any relevent version numbers. I know I've done something similar before, but I can't figure out why this doesn't work. Any ideas?

Comment by, Jul 6, 2010

Version 0.9.9 seems to fix my "invalid public movie atom" problem. Thanks!

Comment by, Jul 10, 2010

Just wondering how exactly do you launch this program? Everytime I double click Subler only shows up as an icon on my dock but the actual program doesn't show.

Comment by, Jul 10, 2010

Does the subler menu bar shows up? if so it's launched you just need to open a file with File--> Open

Comment by, Jul 11, 2010

New to Subler. So far it is amazing. Have a verys imple question. Does Subler import the Poster Artwork for movies from Tagchimp? Or do I have to manully add them? If so, where is the best spot to get the artwork? Thanks for the great program!

Comment by project member damiog, Jul 14, 2010

Yes it does, but there is way to at the moment to see it before clicking the add button.

Comment by, Aug 4, 2010

How can I change the saved chapter photos? It works nice for films but concert films have black chapter photos as the stage is dark in between songs. I'd rather have a photo from midway through the chapter.

Comment by project member damiog, Aug 4, 2010

It's not possible at the moment.

Comment by, Aug 6, 2010

I don't understand. iTunes Purchased files are supported?

I added subtitles on Breaking Bad 3 & Mad Men 4 and nothing shows with Q7 or iTunes 9.2.

Comment by, Aug 6, 2010

Seems working.

- Scaled Size: 640x100 - Aspect Ratio: 1x1 - Offset: 320x600 - Alternate Group: None.

Comment by, Aug 8, 2010

Help Request: SublerCLI - how do I use it to simply rebundle an MKV file into an MP4 file ? I cannot figure out the proper command sequence from the SublerCLI Help page.

Comment by, Aug 8, 2010

does it support DTS audio to be muxed in the MP4 File? in wikipedia I saw that the MP4 container support this audio codec!

Comment by, Aug 17, 2010

Does it supports ALAC audio? I can't add it, Subler talks cannot mux :( Thanks.

Comment by, Aug 24, 2010

The subtitles are very small on my iPad. Is it possible to make them bigger?

Comment by project member damiog, Aug 25, 2010

No, there is no way to change it. You should fill a bug report to Apple.

ALAC is not supported yet.

Comment by, Sep 2, 2010

When I select 64 bit chunk offset (my file is >4GB) and save, I get the barber poll busy dialog for a second and then it disappears and the project window is cleared of all tracks. This is with either video (mkv) or movie (mp4) options.

It will process without the "64 bit chunk offset" however the video is unplayable (as expected as it's >4GB) and MediaInfo? Mac just shows "MPEG-4" file format with no details.

Is there a debug log/mode to try and see what is happening?

Comment by, Sep 3, 2010

Hi, I just wanted to leave a comment here that maybe can be useful to someone. Subler seems to have problems with muxing certain srt files that are not UTF-8 encoded. I normally encounter the problem that the srt file is imported without problems, and the muxing start, but the process doesn't finish successfully. I just change the srt file to UTF-8, try again and everything work perfectly.

Subler is really great, thank you for such an amazing work!.

Comment by, Sep 4, 2010

is it possible to remove the grey bar arround the subtitles?

btw i really like this program!! is fast is great!! is does what i want!!(accept the grey bar arround the subtitles:P)

Comment by matt.arlet, Sep 5, 2010

What's with the short film tag being applied if HD is checked off? Does iTunes treat the file any different? Because now I go in to MetaX after I use Subler and set it back to Movie instead of short film. Obviously, I'd like to skip that step as MetaX is slow.

Thanks for the awesome work on this, it's so much faster than MetaX.

Comment by project member damiog, Sep 6, 2010

You can set it to "Movie" in Subler too...

preparon: I don't think it's possible to rmeove the bar.

Comment by, Sep 6, 2010

to bad.. but i stil like the program:d keep op the good work

Comment by matt.arlet, Sep 6, 2010

Even when I set it to movie specifically, it comes up as Short Film anyway if you open it in MetaX. Maybe it's a bug after adding the Meta Data Group called Movie? (Tried setting it again after I entered the movie data info, but the same result) Is there really a difference in iTunes between Short Film and Movie?

Comment by project member damiog, Sep 6, 2010

Did you tried in iTunes after tagging in Subler?

Comment by matt.arlet, Sep 9, 2010

Far as I know the movie type is not editable in iTunes. That said, I decided to see how iTunes handled the file straight out of Subler. Seems like it knows fine that it's a movie, no further editing in MetaX or anything else seems necessary.

Thanks for your help, and your work on Subler. It's a really great program.

Comment by, Sep 16, 2010

Hi. I just bought a AppleTV (Old version) and have som of my dvd's ripped in MKV-format including subtitles. I'm using this MKV->M4V guide: []. But Subler can't handle the subtitles inside the MKV-file. The subtitles are in VobSub?-format. Am I missing something? (It seemed to work on that youtube-video) Regards Peter

Comment by, Sep 20, 2010

I just finished ripping all of my DVDs with handbrake and found your great program to give them all metadata.

Everything was going fine until 6 movies in when I would try to save a file and it would just give the progress bar and never do anything. Any ideas?

Brand new 27" iMac running 10.6. All DVD files under 3 GB.

Comment by, Sep 28, 2010

Is it possible to add a subtitle track, but not have it enabled by default?

Comment by, Oct 8, 2010

In the iTunes store movies with closed captions have a "cc" tag (visible in column browser). The tag doesn't seem to carry over to iTunes player but a "cc" tag would be very convenient. Can this be added with subler?

Comment by, Oct 16, 2010

Yes CC tag does anyone know how to do it??

Comment by project member damiog, Oct 16, 2010

Does your movie file really have closed caption or just subtitles?

Comment by, Oct 17, 2010

If you need any testers for Apple TV 2010 / Subler compatibility I'm here. As for now, i'm converting my ac3 audio to aac (via mkv tools), and using Subler to mux aac+video+subtitle to mp4. It's working quite well (except I've some pb with the subtitles, but it seems to be a ATV bug). Subler, with an auto ac3>aac converter, would be perfect for me :D

Comment by project member damiog, Oct 18, 2010

Can you send me some photo/screenshot of how the new Apple TV shows subtitles?

Comment by, Oct 18, 2010

I'll send you photo ASAP. The ATV shows subtitles as on iPad : grey bar auround subtitles. But there's actually 2 bugs : - when a subtitle get 2 lines, just the first one is shown. - after showing one or two subtitles, the ATV stop showing subtitles. But when I pause the video, it'll show it for a few seconds. I really think it's a Apple software bug.

Comment by, Oct 19, 2010

I can explain a bit more what the problem is with apple TV.

SO, if you have movies which are not 16:9, lets say 2:35:1 the subtitles goes under the movie, in the black box, and its working great.

However, when its playing back a 16:9 movie on the Apple TV 2, it shows the subtitles for a some seconds, then goes away, if i press pause, it comes back up for a few seconds before going away.

However, this happens only on 16:9 movies for me. The polar express and transformers which are 2:35:1, subtitles show fine.

UP, and sex and the city 2, which are both 16:9 doesnt work at all. Tried to change the "alternate group" around, but to no avail.

Comment by project member damiog, Oct 20, 2010

Looks like some bugs in Apple TV's software.

Comment by project member, Oct 20, 2010

Any chance we could get some sort of visual indication of the save progress? The barber pole, we'll, you know.

I'd also really like it if the Save filename defaulted to the input filename (sans extension, of course).


Comment by project member, Oct 20, 2010

I see a post from Feb 08 on the Movie vs. Video selections, but I'm still not sure what they mean. If I encode to Movie, what effect does this have on anything?

BTW, do you ever need help on documentation? I'm a Wikipedia monster (7500+ new articles, 50k+ edits) so I'm pretty good with editing in wikis.

Comment by project member damiog, Oct 20, 2010

Visual indication for save progress is on my to do list for the next+1 version.

Save filename has already been implemented. There is no different is the real world is you select Movie or Video in the save windows, it just write a slightly different "brand" inside the file, which is ignore by every player.

Help on the documentation is always welcomed :)

Comment by project member, Oct 21, 2010

Ok, I have some starting material. If you open me a new documentation start page and give me editing privs I can start putting it up. Or I could send it to you if you'd prefer.

Comment by project member damiog, Oct 21, 2010

You should be able to edit the wiki now :)

Comment by project member, Oct 21, 2010

ok i've added some intro material. i'm going to move into the use-cases and step-by-step stuff. I'll need help from everyone here on this, because my use of Subler is limited to simple tasks!

Comment by, Oct 22, 2010

I just downloaded Subler to give it a try. I've got some .m4v files created out of Compressor. I load one into Subler (by selecting file->new, then dragging the .m4v to the Subler window), import an .srt file, then click on save. Every .m4v file I've tried out of Compressor ends up with "Error: couldn't mux video track."

Following a different method, if I just choose file->open, choose the .mp4, then import the .srt, then save, it will save the file as the same name, but when I try to play the file in QuickTime?, now it gives the error: "The movie could not be opened. An invalid public movie atom was found in the movie."


Comment by project member damiog, Oct 23, 2010

Can you send me one of those m4v files?

Comment by, Nov 4, 2010

> "Theoretically yes, there are some specs that defines how to mux dts inside mp4. But I don't have it. And it's useless to implement it anyway. There is no player support for it."

actually it's not useless, because i think the appleTV can probably pass-thru DTS audio. it will be decoded in your receiver the way AC3 audio is when your appleTV is connected to a receiver.

Comment by project member damiog, Nov 5, 2010

Then find the specs and a sample mp4 file with dts that works on the Appletv.. :P

Comment by, Nov 10, 2010

Great program, I know you probably get sick of people telling you what to put in your program and what not, but a few suggestions...

1. A script for itunes so we can mass edit videos 2. I'm not sure if its possible or even if itunes shows it, but the CC tag next to HD This is a great program and I use it daily!

Comment by, Nov 15, 2010

What is the baseline setting for in the video track, what does it do?

Comment by, Nov 25, 2010

You guys will do a version for Windows?

Comment by, Nov 26, 2010

Hi I am using 0.10 of subler on 10.6.5 OS X, try to convert my 20TB video library for my Apple TV v2s.

On adding the SRT 3GPP subtitle track to IP Man 2 I get a QT "Invalid public movie atom was found in the movie".

Removing the subtitle and saving allows the movie to play again.

Any ideas?


Comment by, Nov 26, 2010

Hi, great app :)

i miss the splitt feature, is it planned?

Comment by, Dec 3, 2010

---Comment by project member damiog, Oct 16, 2010 Does your movie file really have closed caption or just subtitles?---

I guess it is a subtitle track and not a true closed caption. If I had a proper "p608 format" closed caption would that automatically force the CC tag? Can Subler force the CC tag? I can email a pic from my iTunes library if you think it would help.

Comment by project member damiog, Dec 4, 2010

Yes, the closed caption track is needed for the CC badge.

Comment by, Dec 29, 2010

In august ALAC was not supported YET.

Has there been any progress made?

I have tried muxing an .h264 video track with an ALAC audio track with no success, Subler always unexpectedly quits.

I'm really looking forward to an .h264/ALAC .mp4 =D

Comment by, Jan 11, 2011

h264/ALAC QTPro / mov

Comment by, Jan 17, 2011

Hi. I've just downloaded Subler - it will not complete to save, but crashes. I'm running OSX 10.6.6. Just trying to convert my old MKVs without the DVDs again. I can post the report - it seems a bit too long for this forum. Cheers. ian

Comment by, Jan 22, 2011

Wow. Add subtitle Work great with Quicktime and iphone. But not working on PS3... the subtitle is not available to display... :(

Comment by, Jan 24, 2011

PS3 doesn't support subtitles inside mp4.

Comment by, Feb 6, 2011

I have been using subler for a while, great program, but I do have several feature requests that would make it much more usable.

-Change the release date input field so it forces you to input it correctly (YYYY-MM-DD). Maybe dropdown boxes or just three different fields to tab through. -Have multiple files in one window. For example, have a list of open files on the left or right side of the window. The user can edit each file, then save all at the same time. -Allow saving of "profiles" ie saved tags that could be applied at a later time, helpful for TV shows.

Again great program and keep developing!! Any chance it'll be in the mac app store for easier updating?

Comment by, Mar 22, 2011

I can't figure out how to get the "optimize" option to work. That and "save as" aren't selectable, if anyone can help it'll be greatly appreciated.

Comment by, Apr 8, 2011

Do I always have to optimize when I create a new m4v file with Subler?

Comment by, May 17, 2011

Hi Damiog, I wish I could donate to Subler but in spite of all the great reviews it has I can't possibly mux my movies and srt files...

I have a 12 Go / 60 min Quicktime .mov file generated from Final Cut and a couple of appropriate SRT files. The movie is our last adventure movie, around and across Iceland on a tandem with our baby in towe in a trailer... see excerpt here:

I load the .mov into Subler, then the srt files, then I cannot export nor optimize, and when I try to save as a video file with srt embedded (.m4v), Subler simply vanishes... Any hint? if I could get the whole process to work properly I would gladly donate as I always do. All the best.

Comment by project member damiog, May 19, 2011

You can't mux dv video in mp4, Subler can remux only h.264/mpeg-4/aac/ac-3 and subtitles from mov. If you want subtitles in your original file, you can mux the srt alone in a new mp4 and then copy it to the mov file with QuickTime? 7.

Comment by, Jun 5, 2011

Just wanted to mention, that using Avidemux (, it's possible to transcode an avi, containing a xvid video, into a mp4 file, without re-encoding and loss of quality. The resulting mp4 file can be further edited using subler.

The only problem I found: iTunes and Quicktime (not AppleTV 2G) have problems with XVID streams that use a Quantization Matrix, that is not h263 (eg. mpeg or custom). Use 'mediainfo' ( to get informed of the used Matrix in your avi file, eg.

Format Settings, Matrix : Default (H.2.63)

Comment by, Jun 21, 2011


I used Subler to add both chapters and subtitles (English and Spanish) to my mp4 files. We use JW Player and FMS to serve these files. Everything was working great until we upgraded FMS from version 3 to 4. It seems to be an issue with having both chapters and subtitles in the MP4 because it will work fine in FMS4 with either subs OR chapters, but not both.

We ran the files through flvcheck. The failure for FMS3 identifies it as a box problem, FMS4 identifies it as a invalid chapter time but does not fail box problems. FMS3 seems to stream them anyway but FMS4 fails them and does not stream them.

Any ideas or a workaround to get both Chapters and Subs in MP4s to work in FMS4? I tried Optimizing but that didn't seem to fix it.

Comment by, Jul 6, 2011

Hi What is Alternate Group? What is Fallback option?

Comment by, Jul 6, 2011

Hi I've try to Input a MKV have Audio track with DTS 5.1. and I encoded another 2 Channel AAC as the backup one for iOS Devices. them the MP4 have 2 Audio tracks.

but when I save the MP4 file Subler just transcode the DTS into another 2 Channel AAC. could it keep the DTS and use the AAC which I've enocded by FFMPEG as a backup? or Fallback?

Comment by, Aug 1, 2011

Hopefully there is a solution for this. When I have a movie with 2 audio tracks, one is 5.1 AAC@640kbps and the other one is 2-ch AAC@160kbps... can I change the settings so my iPad automatically chooses the second track while the default track remains the first for my mac?

Thanks in advance!

Comment by, Aug 10, 2011

I have a general usage question for anyone. If I add chapters to one of my projects, or include a surround sound track, it does not seem to matter if the "enabled" check box is on or off next to what I'm adding. For example, if I do not enable chapters, chapters will still exist in my file - which is fine with me. I'm only viewing my files in QuickTime? player, but is there a proper way to utilize the enabled checkbox? Maybe a best practice for compatibility with things beyond QuickTime? player? Or does "enabled" simply not matter?

Comment by project member damiog, Aug 11, 2011

Chapters tracks do not need to be enabled. You just need to enable a track for each "alternate group", so one video track, one audio track even if you have more than one, and so on.

Comment by, Aug 28, 2011

Just wanted to say how amazed I was with the new VOBSUB -> SRT feature. It's so easy to use - none of this faffing about for the user, typing in characters every few seconds, and it makes one's workflow a breeze when compared to SubRip?.

I was also very impressed by the accuracy. Knowing that the process was automated, I figured there'd be quite a few mistakes creeping into the final output: for un-styled text, though, I don't think there were any errors at all. Top notch. That said, the system fell over a bit when it came to italic text: for one it un-italicised it; secondly, a lot of the lower-case l's and uppercase I's came out as forward slashes. Is this something that is likely to be addressed in the future?

Once again, it's tremendous work you're doing here on Subler. I think it's simply stellar. Keep up the awesome work.

Comment by, Aug 30, 2011

I have muxed an mp4 file larger than 4Gs, and I have set the '64 bits chunk offset' option. The movie can be played in iTunes, but there's no way of playing it in Appletv. It shows the wheel spinning and spinning at the beginning of the movie, and it never starts playing... Why?

Comment by project member damiog, Aug 31, 2011

You can try to optimize the file.

Comment by, Aug 31, 2011

I've tried... And it worked like a charm! Thanks!

Comment by, Sep 2, 2011

Absolutely love the app, just wondering if you can recommend a method to batch a series of MKV files in a folder - perhaps with some hooks to Automator?

much appreciated!

Comment by project member damiog, Sep 2, 2011

Batch is coming, you can find a test version and the discussion on

Comment by, Sep 23, 2011


Nice application, but half of the time, iTunes crashes when I try to open the film, after subler, before adding the subtitle, I can open the .m4v without any problem. Can someone help ?

I would consider make a donation, but I would like to be sure the application works perfectly !

Comment by, Oct 3, 2011

Alright so sublet is the best program in the world. I few things though I would like to say.

1. Why not put on the Mac App Store? I would pay 5 bucks for this app.

2. I like how can input meta data into the file, but how awesome would it be for it to grab things like rating and other tags from imdb, and artwork from good sources like or

3. It also would be awesome to have a check sources button and auto mux like iVI does.

4. Finally allow the ability to open with a queue and not just all individual windows.

I would pay 20 bucks for something like this and I know its hard but its just a suggestion.


Comment by, Oct 14, 2011


After the new Apple Tv update, something is happening to my subbler converted mp4 movies... The default audio track selected in ATV settings must be the first audio track in the mp4 movie. Otherwise, there's no sound. For example, if I checked "english" as default audio track and "english" is second track in the movie, I cannot hear it. I must switch to another track from within the movie play and then switch back to the english track to recover the sound.

Thanks for your work!

Comment by, Oct 17, 2011

I have downloaded Subler to add subtitles to some movies so I can watch them on my iPad and AppleTV. I have done everyhting step-by-step as listed on your website, but still cannot get subtitles on to the .mp4 file (converted from an .avi file using Handbrake). I open a project, say for argument's sake "Brotherhood of War". I then import the "Brotherhood of War" .srt file and make sure I have chosen English for the subtitles if necessary (and the .mp4 and .srt files have the same name). I then save and send to iTunes. However, there are no subtitles when this movie is played in iTunes (I haven't tried on Apple TV or my iPad). What am I doing wrong?

Comment by project member damiog, Oct 18, 2011

Subtitles needs to be enabled on iTunes (from the Audio and Subtitles menu) and on the other devices.

Comment by, Oct 18, 2011

EXcellent - thank you!

Comment by, Oct 31, 2011

each time after having saved a new project an I want to open it, my iTunes crashes. Can anyone give me an idea where I can have support ! THANKS

Comment by, Nov 10, 2011

can someone please explain how to properly use the audio track options for a handbrake encoded file for Apple TV2? I usually have a stereo track and a 5.1 track. If the 2.0 track is checked and the 5.1 isn't, then the video streams to Apple TV2 no problem. If the 5.1 track is checked and the 2.0 is not, then the track does not play. I'm wondering if the Apple TV2 is smart enough to understand if the destination for playback is 5.1 compatible or not...

Also what does the fallback option do and what does the alternate group do? Thanks.

Comment by, Nov 17, 2011

It wont show the VOBSUBs ill put by. WHen the saving is complete it doesnt show the subtitles even in VLC when i try to enalbe them

Comment by, Nov 17, 2011

I was just reading the comment by jamien... He/She was commenting on a vobsub->srt feature. I was unable to find any such feature in my subler version 0.14. Is there a newer version or did I just not find the feature? The vobsubs do appear in the list of tracks in subler, but I have no clue how to convert them to .srt, in order to display them as soft subtitles in itunes or on the ipad. The vobsubs appear nicely in vlc, but not in itunes, as mentioned earlier. This is why I would be interested to use sublers vobsub->srt feature, if there is that feature.

Comment by, Nov 21, 2011

I use Subler mostly to add tags to DVD TV series I've ripped with Handbrake. Trouble is, has been down for a couple of weeks, so it just times out. Is there an alternative?

Comment by project member damiog, Nov 21, 2011

It works here, just as slow as ever, but it loads.

Comment by, Dec 2, 2011

Thanks, turns out it was my router. I should have realised, turning it off and then back on again fixes nearly everything!

Comment by, Dec 14, 2011

Excellent program. I used it to create m4vs from large mkvs that confused even MP4Box. However, I had to mux a few >4GB files to realize that the resulting m4vs were rejected by iTunes and Quicktime Player X because I had neglected to check the "64 bits chunk offset" option when saving, (using version 0.14.) May I suggest, please, enabling it by default when saving large files? I see that it is off by default because older iPods can't read them, (and the PS3, though a comment here claims otherwise.) However, since iTunes won't load them either, the benefit seems minimal.

An alternative might be to rename the option, "large file support" or similar to aid the incurious.

Comment by, Dec 23, 2011

I have a few mp4 videos with the appropriate .srt subs. How do you mux these subs (if i used that right) into the mp4 file so my 360 can play them back with the subs?

Comment by, Jan 17, 2012

I ripped one of my DVDs with handbrake (appletv2 default), and then added subtitles, and optimized the file. The file plays on my ATV2, but there is no surround sound after this. The ATV2 picks the AAC track instead (I see this on my receivers status panel). Just ripping with handbrake will let the ATV2 play the AC3 surround sound.

Is there something obvious I've done wrong?

Comment by, Jan 17, 2012

Replying to myself, apparently the "group" needs to be set to 1 on both audio tracks. It wasn't set for some reason after running subler initially on the file.

Comment by, Feb 20, 2012

Ok first things first, Subler is awesome, now i got an m4v file that im using to make an mp4 file the movie stars fine but after 10 minutes the video freezes and the sound still goes on ive already optimise the video and it didnt help, could ypu help me please?

Comment by, Feb 20, 2012

@ the Person Above Me, When Optimizing the Video and Metadata Functions, Please Refrain from Using the COmputer Too Much, I've Done This And then It Corrupts the Video, not Subler's Fault though :)

Comment by, Feb 21, 2012

hey thanks for the quick answer, but i didnt optimise at first, when i knew the video had problems then ive optimise the file, but the problem persists.

Comment by, Mar 11, 2012

Is it possible to add multiple str files to multiple different m4v's at once?

Let say i just rendered whole TV season in handbrake and i got my srt's but do i need to add them one by one? Specially boring if i want to change language of srt's also...

Comment by, Mar 14, 2012

I've just found your program and it is going to do exactly what I need. However, I am running in to two issues. One, it is resizing my 1280x720 video to 1248x702 by default. I can manually make this correction, but I'm curious as to why it is doing that. Secondly, it is stripping my audio. It will mux my SRT file with the video track, but there is no audio present. I can add the audio back from the original file, but, again, I'm curious as to why this is happening.


Comment by, Apr 3, 2012

I've been attempting to add .srt sub file to an H.264 mp4 video whatever. I save as a video, but the save only halfway completes (no error messages), and the file plays, but while the subs and audio work perfectly, the video is just a blank white screen. Why is this? :(

Comment by, Apr 14, 2012

Hello, thank you for this app really useful,

I made a donation some years ago and have always popup to give a donation. Check box does't work. How many times I need to make a donation to never see it again ? :)

Comment by, May 13, 2012

Is the optimise step done with subler specific code? Or could I achieve the same thing with ffmpeg, say? I may end up just using the SublerCLI, but am kind of intrigued as to how the optimise step is done...

Comment by, May 28, 2012

I'm wondering how to import a VobSub? subtitle to an existing .m4v file and (using the build-in Tesseract) converting it to a text-based subtitle stream. Subler 0.15b3 refuses to load a VobSub? sub/idx set so am I correct in suspecting that it can only handle embedded VobSub? subtitles from an MKV file?

Comment by, Jun 19, 2012

I finally figured out how to get my iPad to accept and sort my TV series files properly. I automated things as much as possible using the script below. I offer it here in hopes that others will not be as frustrated getting their iPad to behave. To use, copy and paste it into a file named "Fix" and then follow the instructions below. Thank you SublerCLI!


# This script applies specific metadata tags to your *.mp4 TV series files so
# iTunes and your iPad will sort things nice and neat under "TV Shows" in iTunes'
# Videos App.
# The "Name" tag gets its value from the filename so those should be something
# along the lines of "Stargate SG-1 S01E08 Brief Candle".  An episode number
# is applied to each mp4 file using a simple increment, so the first mp4 file
# (alphabetically) will be episode 1.  (It does not parse the filename to get
# the episode number.)  If in doubt, apply a dummy episode number to each and,
# as long as it is the same for each mp4 file, iTunes will display the episodes
# in alphabetical order using the "Name" tag.
# To use the same episode number for each episode so iTunes will sort by filename,
# change these lines below...
#     tvepisodetag="{TV Episode #:$n}"
#     tvepisodeIDtag="{TV Episode ID:$n}"
# ... to something like this...
#     tvepisodetag="{TV Episode #:1}"
#     tvepisodeIDtag="{TV Episode ID:1}"
# Artwork is applied to only the first episode in each season which iTunes
# uses for each season's icon.  You are welcome to apply artwork to all of your
# files but that makes them larger than necessary.
# To use this script...
# 1) Be sure the very first line in this script is the one above that looks like
#    this: "#!/bin/bash".
# 2) Make this script executable.  Go to your Terminal and type this...
#     $ sudo chmod +x Fix
#    You will probably need to type in your Mac OS password.
# 3) Put this script, the artwork, and all your *mp4 files for
#    one season only in the same folder.
# 4) Edit this file and change the first five variables below.
#    Hint: Use Google Images to find artwork and copy it into
#    the same directory as Fix.  The dimensions of the artwork
#    should be somewhere around 250X250.
# 5) Run it.  Go to your Terminal and type this...
#    $ ./Fix
#    To test the script and see what commands it is going to run
#    simply insert the word "echo" in front of the line near the
#    bottom of this script that starts with "$cmd -i ..."
# 6) Open iTunes and select your iPad's TV Shows tab.  Drag your
#    new, fixed mp4 files into iTunes.
# This script has only been used for iTunes (OS 5.1.1), an iPad, and mp4
# files.

# Variables 1, 2, and 3:
artwork="./stargate.jpg" # has to be a path starting with at least ./

# Variable 4:
# SublerCLI is going to copy your mp4 files.  Tell it where to put
# the copies.
output="/Volumes/Toshiba 1"

# Variable 5:
# Path to Subler's command line interface.  SublerCLI is available
# at

# =============================================================================
# SublerCLI Tags
mediakindtag="{Media Kind:TV Show}"
tvshowtag="{TV Show:$show}"
tvseasontag="{TV Season:$season}"
albumtag="{Album:$show, Series $season}"


for i in *.mp4
	echo -n $i...

	tvepisodetag="{TV Episode #:$n}"
	tvepisodeIDtag="{TV Episode ID:$n}"

	# Apply artwork to first file only.  Add this file first to
	# the apple device so iTunes' TV Shows icon will have something
	# to use.

	if [[ $n == "1" ]] ; then

	$cmd -i "$i" -t "$tags" -o "$output/$i"

	echo .
Comment by jbellanca, Sep 9, 2012

Has subler stopped working to remux mkv files? Every MKV file I put into it, it just immediately comes back with the red stop sign.

Comment by, Sep 13, 2012

Subler developer(s), please somehow allow for reordering of tracks in a future version. I have many files with a stereo track first and a surround track second, and DLNA players will play the stereo track since it is the first track. If this was do-able I'd be forever grateful. Thanks.

Comment by, Sep 15, 2012

recently every file that i convert with subler finishes normally, then when i pull it up on my ps3 it's corrupted data. i'm not doing anything different, just wondering if anyone else is having this problem, or has had this problem before.

Comment by, Sep 29, 2012

I have tried the Forced Subtitle option in Subler (version 0.17) without luck.

To test it I took an ISO file of a movie and encoded it using HB (pass thru all audio tracks and all subtitle tracks). On the "Foreign Audio Search" subtitle track I ticked "Forced Only" and "Default" and un-ticked "Burned In". In Subler, MediaInfo? Mac and VLC I can see the 5 VobSub? subtitle tracks (1 track for "Foreign Audio Search" and 4 tracks from the DVD) in the m4v file.

In Subler I chose an enabled (ticked) subtitle track and I set "Forced" to "All Samples Are Forced", I also set "Forced track" to "Track 9". I pressed save and Subler appeared to save normally however once it had completed saving the "Forced" and "Forced Track" options had reset to default ("No" and "None"). Play back on this file also does not show any subtitles by default using iTunes, ATV or VLC, opening the file in Subler again also shows the forced settings have not saved. If I play the file using VLC then I can chose to display any of the 5 subtitle tracks.

Has anyone successfully used this option in Subler? It shounds like exactly what I want but it does not appear to work yet (unless its me/my equipment/my configuration).

Note on the ATV if I hold down the selection button during a movie I do get the Chapter list with preview images and a list of alternate audio tracks but I do not get a list of subtitle tracks. In the ATV settings (Settings -> Audio & Video -> Subtitle Language) Subtitles are set to English and Closed Captions are set to On.

All encoding/testing on - Mac OS X 10.8.2 - Handbrake 0.9.8 x86_64 (2012071800) - iTunes 10.7 (21) - VLC 2.0.3 - Apple TV 2nd generation, running firmware 5.1 (5201) - All media containers are MPEG4 and use the file name extension ".m4v". H.264 (x264) codec used.

For full details refer to my post in the Handbrake forum -



Comment by, Oct 10, 2012

The subtitles are very small. Is it possible to make them bigger?

Comment by, Oct 25, 2012

What is "Multi-Channel" audio? Is it discreet 6 channel, 5.1 surround, 2, 3 or 4 channel? Is it Dolby Surround? Pro Logic I or II?

Comment by, Oct 26, 2012

Comment by, Oct 10, 2012 The subtitles are very small. Is it possible to make them bigger?

i have the same question

Comment by, Nov 19, 2012

I am trying to add non-English training data to tesseract. Files are offered for 3.02, 3.01 and (very few) for 3.00 and above - it seems they are not downward compatible.

Which version of tesseract is embedded into subler (0.18 as of the time of writing) and which file versions are ok with that.

Thanks a lot for your wonderful software



Comment by, Dec 3, 2012

Actually I am getting crashes with the tesseract traineddata files for German and other languages in version 3.02. If I put them in ~/Library/Application\ Support/Subler/tessdata. I am running subler 0.18 on OS X 10.8.2.

I do not get crashes when I put them in the tessdata folder in the app itself - however Subler seems to ignore these. So english subtitles work fine - but other languages have issues.

Is this a known problem?

Comment by, Dec 8, 2012


Maybe it's just me.. But where does Subler stores it's logfiles? Just to see what happens behind :)?

Comment by project member damiog, Dec 12, 2012

There isn't any log file :)

Comment by project member damiog, Dec 12, 2012

I don't remember the exact version, I think it was 3 from the svn. Guess it's time to update it.

Comment by, Dec 28, 2012

Is there a way to change the settings that files are using when added to the queue? I want to make sure that the repackaging is using "Main @ 3.1" for all of the files, but I can't seem to find where I could do that (other than changing it individually for each file).

Also, is there a way to change the artwork for a set of files at once? I'd like to set the artwork to a different image for an entire TV series and would prefer to not have to do each file individually.

Thanks for the great software?

Comment by, Jan 1, 2013

Not remuxin MKV files. Red circle immediately appears next to the file name in the queue window.

Comment by, Jan 15, 2013

Can you use Applescript to open a new project window, import video and caption files and save as MP4? Can this alternately be done via command line?

Also, any plans for a Windows version? This would be very helpful as well.

Comment by, Jan 17, 2013

As said on Jan 1, 2013:

Subler is NOT remuxing MKV files anymore... Red "stop sign" appears in the Queue next to MKV videos.



Comment by project member damiog, Jan 18, 2013

Please read the link on the homepage.

Comment by, Jan 28, 2013

Add in the program of the library of the ffmpeg encoder for audio processing. Perian is hopelessly outdated.

Comment by, Feb 22, 2013

Here also! Subler won't remux MKV files, it stopped immediately in the Queue with the red stop sign! I hope you will fix this soon!


Comment by, Apr 19, 2013

Hi. Great program. I use Handbrake (latest) to encode and then Subler to add .srt subtitles and metadata. I have a 1. gen Apple TV. Here is my question:

The last subtitle in the .srt file always stays on screen until the video is done playing. I can add a line with just a space at the bottom, but it is still annoying to have that black square hanging there. Is there a way to fix this that you know of?

Thanks for your time :)

Comment by, May 6, 2013

I used to be able to use Subler quite well the first while, but recently whatever I do the output of Subler conversions fail instantly when queue started. The output files all become 452 bytes. What's wrong?

Comment by, Jun 25, 2013

Add me to the list of people who can't use subler anymore. My files won't process at all. It immediately stops and I get an error stop sign

Comment by project member, Jul 31, 2013

I had the same problem with small files… and the problem is to GET PERIAN!

Comment by, Aug 20, 2013

Hello. Download 0.19 version. After launching nothing appears. Only icon in dock. ML 10.8.4.

Comment by, Aug 30, 2013

hi, im new here...

is it possible to open a handbrake with vobsub subtitles and cobvert to itunes friendly subtitles? i was looking for this feature but i couldnt find it, please help...


Comment by, Sep 6, 2013

Having same issue...not processing at all. Ends immediately and all files are 452 kb. Any help please? Thank you!!

Comment by jbellanca, Sep 13, 2013

I'm trying to use Subler to tag a file I created that's already an M4V format, and over 4 GB. There doesn't seem to be any way to set the 64-bit flag, because the file's already an M4V, so there's no save dialog... Am I missing something? Can the devs change the 64 bit flag be turned on in an overall preference instead of a file-by-file basis? Or check the original file size and turn it on/off automatically? Or let me know how to accomplish this? Thanks in advance.

Comment by project member damiog, Sep 16, 2013

You can create a new file and add back all the tracks from your original file.

Comment by, Oct 9, 2013


I am wondering if I can use SublerCli? in the same way than the gui. I transform a 1920x816 mkv with multiple audio and subtitlestreams to an mp4 with subler in order to be able to play it in high resolution both on the ipad and on the computer. Using default switches won't work, one has to take care to not transcode audio at all, everthing has to be throughput (perian does not work on 10.8.5). Doing this results in a .mp4 which imports into iTunes with all audio and subtitles, but will not import to ipad. Clikcking on the video track itself opens a "Visual Settings" pane in which I can specify the "H.264 Video Profile/Level". If I set this to "Main @ 3.1 iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, appleTV", the resulting video can be imported to ipad.

I do not know what this flag changes : File sizes are identical, mediainfo produces identic output, exiftool shows the same output, vlc shows the resolution in both cases as 1920x816, itunes shows the same resolution in both cases; I would really like to know what is changed!

But apart from that, I am unable to perform this operation using sublercli.

sublercli -source input.mkv -dest output.mp4 -itunesfriendly produces a video that nicely imports to itunes, but can not be imported to ipad.

What can I do?

Comment by, Nov 23, 2013

Not sure if it's an issue but is it possible to Subbler automatic add the converted movie to itunes like MetaX used to do?

Comment by, Dec 30, 2013

Hello, I noticed that everytime I add an "explicit" tag to my track and saved it, it's fine on iTunes for a while and then disappeared. If I reopen the file with Subler it is in the none position again. Any explanation to this? Thank you very much.

Comment by project member, Jan 8, 2014

I just added SRT subs to my copy of Battle of Britain. These are english overlays for the periods when German is spoken. I set the track to English, Alernate Group 2, All Samples are Forced, Forced track: 4.

Playing this in QuickTime? on my machine works fine. The subtitles show up when they speak German, and otherwise don't.

On my ATV2 (latest software) I don't get subtitles. When I press the Select to turn them on, it says "No subtitles are available.".

Any ideas anyone?

Comment by, Feb 12, 2014

Same problem as Maury ^ for me...

Comment by, May 2, 2014

Can more languages/dialects be added to the list? When different dialects of the same language (eg., Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese) are both selected as Chinese, QuickTime? 7 Player gets confused and only plays one of them.

Comment by, May 29, 2014

Just a quick question i didnt see in the FAQ. Does the subler tam plan on adding or a subtitledb integration?

Comment by, Jun 14, 2014

I noticed when pulling metadata from the iTunes Store, partial seasons will be tagged as, for example, 7, pt. 1. However when I save the file this won't stick (it only shows 7). Any ideas?

Comment by, Aug 27 (5 days ago)

I can't find any answers to the language-related questions. How can I add "english" and "english-foreign" (only parts spoken in foreign) to the same file? There is only one option "english" and it doesn't let me add custom options.

I found this article from apple which seems to imply that aditional languages or even custom languages are not possible as long as apple doesn't update its code. Is that correct?

Comment by, Aug 28 (4 days ago)

Hello, I need to know if is possible fill other iTunes field ( like comments) , for example with actors wich is a field not present in iTunes. Thanks. Ric

Comment by, Aug 30 (2 days ago)

Hi. Awesome app. Thank you. Is there any way to automate the sending to iTunes once the file is done in the queue?

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