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StdExt is a GUI-less library. StdExt means STL (Standard Template Library) extensions. Its wiki homepage is It extends STL and provides a set of classes for diagnosis, memory management, unit tests, file io, etc. StdExt is self systematic. It depends nothing else, and you can use it freely.

StdExt Library is a part of WinxGui, as the underlying library. WinxGui (abbreviated to WINX) focus the goal: MOST SIMPLE BUT EFFECTIVE. It is a C++ template GUI library that easy to use, and compatible to WTL. For more information, refer to

If you want to contribute to StdExt Library, Take a look at our task list.

SVN Checkout

StdExt is a part of WinxGui. And they use the same subversion repository. If you want to anonymously check out the latest source code of StdExt project, please use this command:

svn co

Of course, Subversion repository may be accessed using many visual clients, including TortoiseSVN.


2009-04-19: Release boost-memory-2.3.01 & stdext-2.3.01

Please download boost-memory-2.3.01, stdext-2.3.01 from here.

2009-04-12: Release boost-memory-2.3.00 & stdext-2.3.00

Please download boost-memory-2.3.00, stdext-2.3.00 from here.

See ChangeLog for stdext-2.3.00.

2008-09-01: Release boost-memory-2.2.00 & stdext-2.2.00

Please download boost-memory-2.2.00, stdext-2.2.00 from here.

2008-06-21: Release boost-memory-1.0.00 & stdext-2.1.00

Please download from here.

2008-05-16: Release boost-memory-0.2.00 & stdext-2.0.02

See Please download from here.

2008-05-07: Boost memory sandbox release v0.1.00

See issue #59. To gain the source code, you can:

  1. Download from here.
  2. Svn checkout

For detail information, refer to

And there is a patch for exception semantics & performance enhancement now:

2008-04-29: GC Allocator became a boost sandbox library

To gain the source code, please svn checkout


2008-04-28: Boost memory pre-sandbox release 0.0.01

See issue #59.

2008-04-25: Support TLS (Thread Local Storage)

See issue #57. And support TlsBlockPool (issue #56).

2008-04-21: Release stdext-2.0.00

See ChangeLog for stdext-2.0.00.

2008-04-21: C++ Memory Management Innovation: GC Allocator

To obtain a copy of this paper in pdf format click here (or from google code).

Another copy is also available on codeproject in html format.

2008-03-30: Support Archive, Reader/Writer

ReadArchive/WriteArchive, Reader/Writer

StdioReader/StdioWriter, PosixReader/PosixWriter, StreamReader/StreamWriter

MemReadArchive/MemWriteArchive, MemReader, WinRegWriter/WinRegReader


See issue #41, issue #46.

2008-03-16: Support String/StringBuilder, TextPool, Rope

String/StringBuilder: see issue #35.

TextPool: see issue #38.

Rope: see issue #37, issue #49.

2008-03-11: Porting PerformanceCounter to linux/gcc

See issue #8.

2008-03-11: Support HashMap/HashMultiMap/HashSet/HashMultiSet

Support HashMap/HashMultiMap/HashSet/HashMultiSet for multi platforms (eg. windows/linux, vc++6.0/vc7/vc8, mingw/gcc, etc). See issue #32.

2008-02-28: Support Signal/Slot (AOP programming)

The idea of event class implementation is from duyanning (see and VisualFC (QWL2008). Thanks. See issue #26.

2008-02-24: Support virtual property programming

See issue #16. And UnitTest component add a macro: WINX_AUTORUN_CLASS.

2008-02-09: Changes for 1.2.02

Port StdExt-Basic-Components(Diagnost, Log, TestCase/UnitTest, and more), Memory-Management-Components(std::AutoFreeAlloc, std::ScopeAlloc, etc) to linux platform.

2008-01-23: Changes for 1.2.01

Initial version seperated from WinxGui project.

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